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Thread: Newly into diaper wearing....any advice?

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    Default Newly into diaper wearing....any advice?

    I've never tried this before. Been fascinated by diapers for as long as I can remember. I'm about to move out of my parents house and I'm ready to start! I don't know what diapers are best to use... how I should go about messing my diapers... etc. I'm pretty small, so I can probably wear those diapers for kids that bedwet if they're good for just wearing around and using. any advice for this is so helpful. I've been trying to suppress this for years and I'm done with that.

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    Baby diapers are typically sized by number 1-6 representing increasing weight. If you have <28" waist the largest sizes may fit.
    Adult diapers are sized by waist/hip size in inches. Use the widest measurement between your belly button-waist (pants line)-hips/thighs.
    The modern adult pullups are stretchy and moderately effective. Most of us DL's prefer plastic backed tape on diapers.
    If ordering online, try XP medical, Bambino diapers, Northshore medical suppply, HDIS, ...

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    I felt similarly, and had read good things here about XP Medical, so got some sample packs (3 each) of what looked interesting. Just remember to take your measurements thrice and review the cart.

    I totally mistaped the first two and derped the timing of the next. For what I wanted, though, that worked well. "Just how scented is scented?" "How hot is plastic?" "How much does cloth stretch?" But, at the same time, it doesn't really let you figure out what you like at such a small package... it was hard for me to tell at a sample, but a pack* sorted out a couple different kinds I was wondering about, and I buy those now. It's also cheaper to buy more. Don't buy sample packs of anything unless you are sampling!

    (By the way, there's a warning if you use PayPal involving shipping addresses. He means it. I swear, every time I need to adjust the address, and one time I didn't notice and had to email the correction... unless you want to mail a surprise package to your mom, of course.)

    The first thing I did when I unfolded one was took one look at it, looked at my waist, then looked back, then looked at my waist again, and made some explanation along the lines of "that really fits?!", measured myself again, then read how to put it on.

    ^ In case you aren't in warehousing: 'packs' are what come in box 'full cases' and 'half cases' that stores put out to sell... and a full case of diapers can be a lot of diapers! The "double packs" of Depends are about 20 diapers per pack, two in the case, and Senis pack 8 packs of 10 into their cases. Coincidentally, don't buy by cases unless you want what you're getting.

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    Hi, it's great that you'll be able to wear, you can order online for the best diapers as said above but if you can't goodnites are good and they could fit you maybe even baby diapers if you're small enough.

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    Kids bedwetting pants are intended for light nocturnal leakage, and for all that they claim to go up to age 15, aren't really intended for teenagers. Like all pull-ups, they sacrifice capacity and secure fit for discretion and ease of use - they are not suitable for heavy wetting, or soiling. This is true of pretty much any incontinence product that you'll find in a mainstream store - heavy incontinence products aren't in enough demand to make them profitable stock for anywhere except specialist medical supply stores (and even they don't stock premium nappies).

    The near-universal rule is that if you want anything even half-decent, you have to order online, where there is an enormous variety of products on offer, from basic products like Tranquility ATN, to super-premium products like the ABU Space. Have a browse through the nappy review articles to get a sense of what's on offer.

    Fitting nappies correctly is something that you can only get right with experience. We can advice on the basic process of putting one on (there's an article for that as well, BTW), but getting the tapes right for you and the seat properly situated between your legs is something that you can only get right with experience (and varies from brand to brand). Expect your first attempts to be a bad fit.

    I'd also suggest reading the article on hygiene and disposal (and not just because I wrote it), especially if you want to try messing.
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    Whatever you wear I would advise you to test it first by wetting it to the max discreetly.This will give you an idea of how much your diaper is ready to take and you'll be able to ignore unnecessary accidents in the future.Trying different brands you may find the one suitable for you.Good luck to you

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    Try a small dry 24/7 or a small Abena plastic backed level 4 diaper I use dry 24/7's all the time as my 24/7 diaper choice

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    If I were you I would get samples of any type of diaper that you may be considering and try them out FIRST, Many of the companies have a person on hand to answering any questions that you may have. (they have heard it before and don't judge you for asking) I know fr sure NorthShore has such person on hand.

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    They're so many things that I could say, advise, and recommend. It's more of a learning process that will have to endure. What works for some won't work for others. Trial and error will happen.

    Goodnites are more for look rather than function. If you want function, you'll want products that are made for function in the premium realm of diapers. I would advise you to get diapers with a taping panel, it will help you to master taping, others without tend to rip the plastic right off when you pull the tab off to readjust. I would recommend to buy diapers by the case as it is significantly cheaper per piece. It will get pretty expensive buying by the pack. As for the brands out there, They're companies that do cater to us. Websites like, have diapers that are far superior than anything till find in stores. It's like comparing Ford cars with Porsche.

    If you want top of the line, go for ABU Space diapers at They have taping panels, large capacity, leak guards, waistband, and they really make their presence felt in between your legs.

    I know it will be an adventure ahead of you and so much more to learn with the ins and outs of the entire thing.

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    As somebody who always wore baby diapers and/or goodnites I can say you should muster up the courage to buy some legitimate ABDL diapers online. I have been wearing for about 10 years (since I was 13ish) and just ordered "real" AB diapers for the first time a few months ago. It is SO much better. It took me a bit to get used to the idea of an "adult" diaper, but now that I have, it is so much nicer. I still wear baby diapers for the nostalgia and enjoyment (I probably have a stock of about 150 baby diapers right now) but having a diaper that you can really use like a diaper, and that really fits how a diaper should fit is such an amazing experience. I recommend ABU ( I love their ABU Cushies for the single tab and the cloth back, but I just got a sample of their ABU Space and it is definitely my favorite diaper so far (this coming from someone who is not a fan of plastic backed at all). They are SO cute and SOOO absorbent. I could go on and on...

    Another recommendation I have is to just give cloth a shot. I was never really a fan of the idea of cloth either but tried some of the "Teen/Adult Diapers" from ebay ($20 with single stuffer) in a super cute monster pattern and I love it. I definitely would recommend also picking up one of their nighttime soakers (I have two that I stuff it with) if you plan on wetting it. Honestly, I typically wear a baby diaper (with the diaper extenders you can find a tutorial for on here) covered by a goodnite with the cloth diaper on top of those with just the single stuffer it in. I never end up wetting the cloth, but I love the look and feel of it.

    I think the most important thing is thinking about what YOU want. It takes time to figure it all out and to truly get comfortable with it all, but really thinking about what you want and need is the most important. Like I said, I've been wearing for about 10 years and have a very supportive significant other and I STILL don't feel truly comfortable with it all. It takes time, but you'll get there. I feel way better about it now that I did even a year or two ago. Just enjoy it!

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