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    Default Hi From Austin Texas

    I'm back here to see how things are going...Looks like a bunch of activity is going on. That's great...Other sites like Fet are just way to hard to find a connection...Which is what I really would like to find. Someone, hopefully in my area that I can make friends with...I sure hope there are people around me...It's only my dream to be happy like y'all.

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    If you are looking to make friends, this is definitely the place! ^_^ I havent been a member long but everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and I'm sure you will enjoy it here, even if the people you meet arent that close to you

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    Welcome SpaceRacer. I know the feeling of wanting to connect with people. This particular interest of ours makes that difficult sometimes, however, ADISC is a great place to find support and make virtual friends. Friends IRL is pretty tough because you will find out we are spread out over the country and the world. You sound like a nice guy, and I would love to be an online acquaintance at least.


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