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Thread: Thickest Diaper

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    Default Thickest Diaper

    what is the thickest diaper on the market today?

    Thanks in Advance!


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    I believe the new contender is ABU's Space Diaper.

    They're for sale here:

    You can order a sample here:

    And lastly our very own FruitKitty did a review here:

    He found they absorbed the most and had the best tapes from his experiences.

    However if you're looking for just straight bulk when expansion he also found that Tykables (formally called Snuggies) Overnights bulk up substantially, but has a little less absorption comparatively despite the additional bulk.

    Overnights review:

    Where to buy Overnights:

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    Comficare's diaper appears to be the thickest base design. We'e seen several recent new models that appear to be based on the same design, or are at least using the same sizing die for cutting the shell and the core and placing the tapes. These diapers to vary a bit in what they have for padding so they're not identical in that respect, but are all quite a bit above average. DC Amore Kitten, Crinklz, fabine, and ABU Space all seem to have takern advantage of the thicker padding options this offers. While the cores in these three are different from each other, all three are very thick, and stacks of these diapers tend to be about the same height. Right now the Space and Kitten can both be had for about $2/piece when bought by the case. Crinklz are still more expensive. (but have an adorable shell that's arguably worth a little more!) So right now kitten and space are where I'm going for thick overnight protection.

    There are other diapers that appear to be made on the same machine that don't have quite as much padding. Confidry and the entire bambino line for example. But those are still much thicker than the average diaper.

    ABU has Little Pawz coming soon, I'm expecting those to be Space with a different shell but no change in padding - we'll see.

    Note that these diapers are not super high on sap, and so are a little thicker when dry than some other diapers that are trying to compete on capacity. But that allows them to wick better, to lower the risk of leaks. Snuggies/Tykables also look to use the same dies/machine, but are thinner when dry and use more sap to compensate. (the regular waddlers also have an overall thinner/lower capacity core to start with)

    TL;DR: pick pink or blue. go with DC Amore Kittens (at for pink, or Space (at for blue. $2/pc by the case.

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    The super thick diapers are usually premium and have a premium price.
    I have found I can use stuffers (guards, pads, boosters, baby diapers, double diapers, etc) to get the same or better effect.

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    So to conclude ABU and DC Amor are currently stocking the two thickest diapers in the world??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walak View Post
    So to conclude ABU and DC Amor are currently stocking the two thickest diapers in the world??
    It does look that way. IMHO the DCA Kittens are the thickest of the bunch, by a very small degree. They also have a very unique liner inside that's incredibly soft. I recently rerdered some more kitten, and I'm a bit glad I did. I've got a good stock of Confidry, and I managed to overfill one last night without even trying... So I think the kittens may be my go-to overnight diaper now.

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    I've compared Space Diapers and Bellissimos, and the Space Diapers are noticeably thicker and wider in the crotch. The Space Diapers also have a smoother textured plastic.

    I haven't tried DC Amor, but are looking forward for the boyish diaper about to be released.

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    what about the Rearz Spoiled? i heard those were pretty darn thick too.

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    I've tried snuggies overnights and bellissimos which are probably the thickest i've tried. But I have some space diapers in the mail arriving tomorrow so i'll see if they win! :p

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