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Thread: Hi! New and stuff

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    Default Hi! New and stuff

    My lovely friend Lukethefur has just advised me to join up! I hope to meet some cool people here. Possibly you! You're probably cool. Maybe. Probably.

    A few things about me...

    • 18 year old guy from the UK (south-west).
    • Been distantly curious of the abdl community for about 3 years.
    • Only started using diapers for real about a week ago (it was hella cool).
    • Sissification! (Well, most of the time.)
    • Bi-curious.
    • Videogaming!
    • I draw! Heres what I sort've do!
    My DeviantArt is here if you wanted a lookie.

    Well, that's me! I hope to chat with some of you soon :)

    Byebye for now :)

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    Welcome Darren! Those are some really good drawings! Are you going to draw your own avatar? Maybe you already have one?

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    Thank you

    Haven't quite gotten round to it, but I plan on drawing it soon!

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I'll echo what zipperless said - your drawings are very good (I can't draw a straight line with a ruler!)

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    Welcome to the group. Great drawings.

    What do you do when you're not drawing? What video games are you in to?

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    When I'm not drawing I may be doing a number of different things... studying, sports, sometimes I write stuff too.

    And I play a lot of PS2/3/4 games.

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