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    I always liked adverts for diapers, usually post-1987 in the US. used to have a gold mine of vintage adverts, but that page is history.

    I wish I knew an alternative, something more legible than 200-pixel previews for eBay...

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    youtube has a large amount of vintage diaper commercials available

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    I realize they aren't print ads, but there are several dozen old Pampers commercials (dating from the late '60s to the early '80s) available to watch for free on iTunes. Interesting to see how the product and promotion have changed over the decades.

    Just go to the iTunes Store, type "Pampers" in the search box, and scroll down to "Collections." At present, there are 300 commercials available to view.

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    the itunes store has commercials? did not know that...

    what was it that did that... Demolition Man? Where it was the future and all these old commercial jingles were rocking the charts on the radio

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