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Thread: Do you worry about the inevitable urine smell from being incontinent

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    Default Do you worry about the inevitable urine smell from being incontinent

    Nothing much is ever mentioned about the inevitable urine smell associated with incontinence. Despite practising good personal hygiene I know there are times when I smell. My wife admitted that she can usually smell it too but has just got used to it and it doesn't bother her. She works in a nursing home and deals with many incontinent residents and says most people that are incontinent smell sometimes and there is nothing you can do about it.

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    I've found that unless its my first pee of the day, it doesn't have any smell unless your're weariing fragrance scented diapers like pampers. Most new diapers mask the smell with the asorbing gel caps.Now cloth, that's another story., and that's where I'm experimenting.

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    No, not really. I am more aware of urine odor sometimes, but not overly concerned. Most times, it's because I'm using a cheapie and someplace quiet like the library or class. That's usually when I get a whiff, right after I wet. Otherwise,I don't smell anything. Although, I'm not sure about others, they may smell me all the time. Well, I WASN'T conscientious about it... but now I am.

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    I'm not IC. but just started to use real diapers. It smells, bad =(
    I wore out in public the first time and it was just bad I tried everything to prevent it from wafting out, and I sit real close to people. Not sure what to do besides keep bottles of fragrance spray with me at all times.
    It was probably because I had the diaper on from the night through the morning, its so absorbent it has so much room, I don't want to waste it, these are expensive lol.
    I didn't use till the morning today, and used more air freshener on myself, I didn't notice anything besides a little smell in the plastic pants, but It will likely start smelling later today.

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    I wake up smelling when I wet during the night. It is not too bad though. The rest of the time I usually smell fine.

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    Those of us who have a high exposure to the smell of urine become desensitized and will no longer detect low levels of odor. Others around you who are not desensitized will notice. I posted a thread linking to an article which names 10 foods to avoid that increase urine odor. As MickeyM noted, sitting is about the worst activity as it causes an air to be expelled.

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    Default Do you worry about the inevitable urine smell from being incontinent

    I haven't noticed myself much. The times when I do - as has been said - are when I've had a wet one on for a long time OR if it is fitting too loosely. I believe it's at least partially the air interacting with the urine that causes the bad odor...and so if you are feeling "drafts" of cold air seep through, you're more likely to have stink.
    My wife is pretty sensitive to hygiene issues and she says something if I don't smell right. Typically that happens when I've been in a diaper a long time and it's starting to loosen up.

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    Guys, urine smell is not inevitable. The most important thing is to be well-hydrated. Too many people cut back on liquids - too much.

    Also, avoid foods like asparagus that give urine a strong odor.


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    In the morning I have urine odor. But usually after I change and then have a pee it doesn't smell at all. But if I make a pee in same diaper without changing then it begins to have a urine smell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fascinating View Post
    I wake up smelling when I wet during the night. It is not too bad though. The rest of the time I usually smell fine.
    Ditto. As long as I am not dehydrated I can't really smell them. Fortunately, my wife's sense of smell is poor. That being said I change about every 3 to 4 hours during the day so I stay pretty clean despite my full diapers. Now a poopy diaper smell that's an entirely different story...

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