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Thread: how can i pad up in a semi quiet home?

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    Default how can i pad up in a semi quiet home?

    how can i diaper up and conceal thoes crinkles? granted my shorts that i normally wear are like a silk material. ive got a cloth aio from dependeco, and ive got snuggies. with the cloth aio, its okish, just sounds like fabric rubbing.

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    are you for real??25 years old and you can't figure this out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sherryt View Post
    are you for real??25 years old and you can't figure this out?
    That's a bit mean from a support group

    OP, most of the noise is in your head. Put some tight boxers over the Snuggies and nobody will notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sherryt View Post
    are you for real??25 years old and you can't figure this out?
    It's an honest question I asked when I started wearing as well. In time, you realize the sound is a lot less noticeable than you think it is.
    I wear regular underwear over the diaper which helps to muffle the sound a little more and if diapering up is an issue, you could always buy a candy bar at any store and make sure to get a bag. When someone hears the crinkles, they just think it's you opening the bag. Besides that, as it gets colder, most coats make the crinkle sound as well. People won't be able to tell the difference unless they are specifically looking for it.

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    that did hurt quite a bit seeing that comment, specially since this group is supposed to support each other, not make them feel like more of an un wanted freak. i still live with my parents because i have to take care of them ,they both have some condition that makes it so they cant do everything. but diapering up i know i could go downstairs, but yeah, the walking and such with the crinkle sounds. i know im perfectly good in pants while padded/ diapered. just in shorts is when its louder,and its common for me to wear shorts while at home.(witch unfortunately is almost always)

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    I wear dry 24/7's with shorts all the time, underware over your diaper will indeed muffle the sound we tend to hear the sound more then others due to the fact we are listening for it. It always sounds realy load to us but in fact it's not really that noticeable. Cloth diapers are quieter then plastic backed but with underware over your diaper unless some one is really listening for the sound they won't notice .

    I have been in a small office and board room wearing with a dry 24/7' underware and plastic pants under may shorts and no one noticed and the rooms were very quiet.

    Try not to worry about the sounds it's really not noticeable

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    it does seam to be loud lol. like to me, its like messing with a potato chip bag. but maybe i shuold wear one day and just ignore it and try that? but like, some times i can hear the crinkle emit from me and hear it in the room its self. but thats just diaper and tee when im home alone. hmm, does it matter on the type of undies? the materel? maybe it could make it louder if its not cotton or something? my undies are cotton i believe.

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    Having worn crinkly diapers with loose fitting shorts around the house, I'm pretty sure the sound isn't just in my head. It was instantly recognized by other diaper wearers and I expect the uninitiated would only be a little slower on the uptake. The immediate conclusion might not be diapers but the question would be there regardless. Jeans or the like muffle them down to a manageable level but with loose shorts, you've got nothing but fabric freely rustling on plastic. As little as I like underwear over diapers, I'd say that's the way to go. I prefer onesies in those situations but they're not everyone's cup of tea.

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    Very true. I never thought if it like that. I'll try my cloth shorts. I've also got a pair of shorts that are like canvas like material, a bit heaver than jeans.

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    i never wear when other people are home, but the ones i do use are somewhat quiet. i just wear underwear over them.

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