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Thread: For those from NY

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    Default For those from NY

    I'm from New York, as you all know. I was just wondering, for those of you also from New York, did every (Public) school not have school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, or was it just my school, or just select schools? I've been trying to figure out why we had all 3 days off, but nobody seems to know. Do you have any idea?

    Also, while I'm at it, do you still have snow in your area? It seems the snow here (Western NY) is lingering as long as it can, but I see the creek behind my house is really flooded lately (my entire backyard is submerged!) I'm wondering if it's just our area, or if it's lingering everywhere else, as well.

    Also, sorry to those not from NY. I don't mean to discriminate in this thread. (Don't worry, we still love you all! )

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    Um, sounds like a small winter break. Why don't you ask a teacher......

    I'm quite sure they could tell you better than people that don't know your school...

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    maybe a few days for the teachers to plan some new school work structure?
    I'm not even from usa tho, just stabbing in the dark.

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    Grizzy had this entire week off

    I only had monday for presidents day

    My girl friend had nothing off.....

    Thats so strange.

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    I have this entire week off. Then again our vacations are differently set up then yours. I have no answer for you.

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    I was wondering, because I know another school kinda nearby had off as well (Oakfield, I think it was, but I don't know what day(s).) It seemed different schools were having different/random days off this week.

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    I know they were closed on Monday down this way NYC area...but I think they were open Tuesday through Friday. As for the snow, it's gone down here, melted about a week and a half ago.


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    Lucky. We've still got snow (4-6 inches), and that nasty slush sort of thing develops on/along the road, and that keeps me from being able to get anywhere, since I go by bike.

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    I think most schools around were closed this past week for presidents week, if I'm not mistaken. Though I can say from what I have seen, breaks seem to vary slightly from district to district.

    As to your other question, we still have some snow here, though we lost quite a bit there is still a few inches on the ground thankfully.

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    some schools had off the whole week (presidents week vacation/ mid-winter vactation)

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