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Thread: Best Adult Diaper for a "Small Diaper Lover"?

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    Default Best Adult Diaper for a "Small Diaper Lover"?

    I guess this is a relatively simple question!

    I absolutely love smaller diapers, typically pull-up kids' ones or baby ones (Goodnites, Underjams, Pampers 7, etc.). I'm pretty slim so they fit me very well, and tend to feel the most comfortable when I'm out and about. I almost exclusively wear smaller kinds though, so I'm going to try and expand my diapered horizons a bit and get some more adult diapers. However, most tend to be wayyy too big for me, even if I get the small size (this is especially true, unfortunately, with ABDL-stylized diapers).

    So my question is, what adult diaper would you guys/girls recommend for someone who who wants to have as close of a "Pull-Ups" feel as possible? The issue is, though, that I'm NOT looking for a pull-up style adult diaper. I'd prefer a tape-on one.

    I know this might be worded a bit confusing, but really, I'm just looking for the best tape-on adult diaper that feels thin, most closely to something like Goodnites if that's possible.

    Thank you for the help!

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    Try looking for youth/teen diapers


    I know Northshore are good, not heard of the second company, but it will give you an idea. Good luck

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    Northshore is a great company. I'd highly recommend them. If baby prints are not a must, then I'd recommend trying some ATN's. They are cheap, are pretty absorbent, and the small is pretty small. I'm a 32 waist and there mediums are pretty tight on me.

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