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    Wink Insert little girl laugh

    Hi everyone, I'm an oldy on the site that forgot her email address and password, so I decided to make a new one.

    The 'about me' section in my introduction is this.... I'm 25 years old and a little age of 5-6. While my profile says transgender female, I still have a male body. I'm currently finishing up my bachelors in Information Technology. If you have ever seen the TLC show 'I am Jazz' that is me except 10 years old than her. Most of my feelings I have repressed and I'm slowly letting them be acted upon. I'm still living at home, so that is why I say that I'm slowly acting upon them. I hope to tell my parents that I'm transgender and get help by changing more into a girl by hormones(HRT). Then when I save enough money get SRS. I know that it is going to be a long long time, but hopefully I will meet great people here and we can maybe talk on IM or PM.

    What I like to do in the free time that I have is reading ab/dl stories on different sites(some adult). Another thing that I like to do is attempt at making a game. Currently I've been working on a Harry Potter text based game and sort of had a pitfall of it, where I'm not really working on it because of lost of interest. Right now, I'm thinking about doing a text based game to help the community in Role-playing.

    I have enjoyed the community here and have come back to help/contribute to where I have knowledge in. So without boring you with a little bit of rant of me. I will conclude this greeting/introduction with this....

    Never trust yellow snow and if you want to help/have ideas for the community game send me a PM and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.



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    Hi and welcome. I definitely like the idea of a community game, though I don't have any ideas at this time. Give me some of it's initial direction and I might come up with something. I enjoy writing.

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    Sorry for the lateness in my reply to all that responded to my greeting/welcome back.

    Hello Alexandra and welcome back.
    Thanks Egor

    I definitely like the idea of a community game, though I don't have any ideas at this time. Give me some of it's initial direction and I might come up with something. I enjoy writing.
    Thanks dogboy. My idea is sort of taken from Assassin's creed a little bit, but you have some glasses(the animas from assassin's creed just portable) like google glasses and that they augment your reality into your character that you create. This is going to be like a MMORPG, but I was thinking about having it text-based first. Then if someone is willing to put in the time for graphics (I suck at drawing/making pictures), but as long as there is details in the text and the person on the other end can imagine it, it doesn't matter. Currently I'm sort of writing a story to that effect and was going to try to post it on here and see if the interest is there to play it. Its set in the modern era, so if we all can think it its there somewhere.

    If anyone has played the abmud at all. Its going to be an improvement of that (I hope). Although there is going to be more 'pencil and paper' feel to it. The main focus is Roleplaying an not killing this. I don't even know if I'm going to put anything in there that is 'killable'. But much like the forum its going to be kept to a pg-13 standard.
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