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Thread: Ouch. silly mistake

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    Default Ouch. silly mistake

    My family are going away for a few days today. I get the chance to be diapered as much as I want. Of course my wife knows and loves me whatever, but I tend to wear mostly at night to be discrete around the kids.

    Anyway this morning I am trimming my hair (and not on my face) and I slip slightly with the trimmers. Lots of blood and my wife trying to help me mop it up.

    Now what should I do to make sure I don't get it infected? I am using lots of Polyderm, but still want to stay diapered.... Silly baby

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    Hate to say it, but perhaps you should wear big boy pants for a day. Fortunately, skin in that region seems to heal much quicker than it does on other parts of the body, so a day might be enough.

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    I would think that liquid bandage would work, but have no experience "in that area". For future reference, I use a double-blade pivoting razor - dry or wet - and have not had a problem.

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    A lesson I learned the hard way, your skin's health needs to come before your diapers. Because simply put, if you have problems with your skin, diapers will no longer be an option for awhile. So take a voluntary short break to heal, rather than being forced to take a longer, more painful, less pleasant break because you made things worse.

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    This reminds me of my holiday a few weeks back. I went to a place with very beautiful beaches. I never spend an entire holiday at the beach, but I was really looking forward for the beach time and the waves... long overdue. Three days into the holiday I finally arrived at the beach which was supposed to be the bestest of all. As I'm walking into the water (I probably walked a bit too enthusiastically) I kicked a piece of rock and cut my thumb so deep that beach was no longer an option for the rest of the holiday. I was so stupid. It was an endless sandy beach with just a few (very few) rocks in one particular place, exactly where I was. While I was feeling quite miserable, sitting in my hotel room for the rest of that day, the rest of the holiday turned out more than ok. I had a car and instead of the beaches I explored the surrounding mountains, have had some great views of the ocean, some beautiful sunsets and I had fun. Although I still want to return next year and go to that beach again.

    Lesson: Sometimes you're looking forward to something very much, but some little thing (which you often cause yourself) eventually prevents you from enjoying the main part. But you can find some alternative activity and still have a good time. And do the originally planned thing next time.

    On a more constructive side... training pants? Or wait one day as Maxx suggested and then wear the diapers, but be more careful than usual and always change as soon as you wet? Or just wear the diapers without using them (I know...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avalanche View Post
    This reminds me of my holiday a few weeks back.

    On a more constructive side... training pants? Or wait one day as Maxx suggested and then wear the diapers, but be more careful than usual and always change as soon as you wet? Or just wear the diapers without using them (I know...)
    Ouch. Glad the mountains were nice.

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm a bit sore, so I'm going with wearing goodnites and not using them. Not what I had planned, but better safe than sorry and comfortable on my tender parts.

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    Maybe it's an opportunity in a way... to discover new ways of enjoying your AB time without focusing on the diaper/wetting part that much?

    In any case, have a good time. Report back how it was.

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    Those of us who are incontinent don't have the option not to wet ourselves. I've cut myself before in that area with an electric razor. I always try to stay as clean as possible down there. More frequent changes are the order. I don't know how bad your cut is, but you can always use a bandage, some extra zinc oxide and powder. Urine is sterile until it mixes with bacteria outside the body. If you don't stay in a wet diaper for a long period of time, you'll be fine.

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    Triple antibiotic is also your friend. it comes in a suspension of vaseline usually, which works out well.

    Lately I keep that in my lunch bag so I have it with me if I get a cut at work. If I do, I clean it immediately, and rub a streak of that over it. It's been competely effective at preventing infection, even the minor "swells and is tender for a few days" minor infections. If successful, I don't even get any sensitivity out of the cut, and it heals much faster.

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    just for future reference, an old scout trick for waterproofing an injury is a gauze pad coverd by a strip of duct tape, better at staying on than any bandaid. still, best option is to avoid risking it altogether and just not use the diaper.

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