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Thread: Huggies Little Movers Diaper Pants

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    Default Huggies Little Movers Diaper Pants

    I was browsing through my local Sunday ad and came across the advertisement at Target specifically for these diapers. I remember that Oz and NZ both had something similar and just like those, these are gender specific (blue for boys; pink for girls). I was wondering if anyone has info about it. I really would like to see the designs for both. I'm sure that given they're part of the "Little Movers" line, these would be similar to their Slip-On diapers, just with gender-specific protection and designs.

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    aww post a pic of it

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    Will it let you post an html link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MokiKat View Post
    Can't. New member = ZERO privileges.
    yeah, unfortunately we've had several bouts with non-automated spammers here. (a few quite recently) I think every message board has to deal with spammers somehow.

    You can try to just paste a url. But it's possible that is also being restricted, because that's what a lot of the spammers do, come in and generate an account, and post a
    "click here for whatever" link in everty forum they can manage before someone kills their account.

    (I assume they prevent new accounts from making posts rapidly also)
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    they are here on target's website.

    They look cute but they are still baby diapers wand won't fit any AB/DL properly. no, not even for the ones they happen to be like 90 lbs or have a 28 inch waist. They are *baby* diapers.

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    I used to fit in pull-ups when I was around 18. by fit I mean I was able to put them on without rips.
    I've grown since then =(

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    Man what I would do to be able to fit in those Mickey and Minnie diapers :/

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    They look pretty cute. Reminds me of the early 90s diapers, which were gender-specific.

    Quote Originally Posted by MokiKat View Post
    Can't. New member = ZERO privileges.
    There's an automated filter that moderates posts by new members with URLs in them, due to issues with spammers and trolls in the past. Posts should be approved within 24 hours; if it isn't, feel free to post in requests, asking that the post be approved:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MokiKat View Post
    Can't. New member = ZERO privileges.
    Just think of it as your in new born pampers then when you have posted 20 times and been here a week.
    Then you move up to infant then with rep points you move up to even toddler sizes .
    But moo wears the training pants around here.

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