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Thread: Fabric AIO's Washing?

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    Default Fabric AIO's Washing?

    So my question is this; "Is it important to let them dry out before you wash them or is it possible to wash them still damp?"

    The reason I ask is because for a while I just washed them when ever I had two in a pale. I only had 3 AIOs' at the time. I now have four and in the process of taking on the challenge to sew my own AIOs'. The smell that they have is rather strong when I allow them to dry first and I would love to just be able to throw them in the wash when I had at least 2 ready to go in.


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    I have no scientific reason to say this but that never stopped me before

    I would expect that washing sooner rather then later is the better method. In other words, wash as soon as you can.
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    Uh, yeah. There's definitely no need to let urine-soaked cloth diapers dry before washing them. I've never heard of such a thing, in fact.


    Not only can you wash them whenever, it's actually rather popular to keep them immersed in a "wet pail" (in a water + borax solution, or similar) right up until you're ready to wash them. This not only helps control the smell and prevent stains from setting in (if you're a messer), it can also improve the longevity of the fabric by diluting urea/ammonia and other chemicals that tend to attack it. In fact, I would definitely *not* wait for your diapers to dry before washing them. That seems like a great way to get some nasty, hard-to-rid odors, particularly with AIOs since the back of the padding is really difficult to get clean. Even with a "dry pail" system, one usually washes the diapers while they're still pretty wet. "Dry pail" just means you haven't added any sort of pre-soaking solution.

    Don't wait!

    Hope that helps.

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    While some like AIOs i don't.
    What i want is something like AIOs but without the water proof outer shell.

    One they would be a lot easier to wash and dry in a drier a lot faster.
    I have two old AIOs that the water proof shell were damaged and i have since removed the shell and wear them with plastic pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    Uh, yeah. There's definitely no need to let urine-soaked cloth diapers dry before washing them. I've never heard of such a thing, in fact.
    DO NOT do that. Urine is mainly water, followed by urea, followed by dead red blood cells. The rest of the content is just "trash" from your bloodstream.

    Urea crystalizes when it dries, and the crystal is almost completely insoluable in water. That means you won't get it out in the wash. Urea by itself wouldn't be a problem, but it traps the other crap in your urine too, and if your urine is reasonably "concentrated", that will leave a stain, that you will never be able to get out. Bleach won't even touch it. This is why it's difficult to get rid of the smell of cat piss, it's loaded with scent marker goodies, and when the urea dries, it cements it into the fabric. Then anytime you flex or rub the fabric, a little bit of the urea crystals crumble off and atomize the smell. And it can do this over and over and over again, and is difficult to impossible to wash out. (essentially unremovable on upholstery)

    Don't let urine-soaked clothing dry out. That's why some people use "wet pail" diaper pail technique, to keep their cloth diapers from staining without having to do laundry several times a day.

    If your onesie or especially your more espensive all-in-one gets urine soaked, and it's not really dilute, get it in the washer ASAP. There's no rush to dry it, just get it washed. In orther words, if you wake up in the morning and your diaper leaked, and you have to get moving to work/school, toss it in the clothes washer before you leave. DO NOT leave it sit out to dry to deal with when you get home. If for some reason you can't put it in the washer, put it somewhere else where it will stay soaking in water until you can wash it properly. Fill your bathroom or kitchen sink and drop it in. Or use a bucket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anned View Post
    While some like AIOs i don't.
    What i want is something like AIOs but without the water proof outer shell.
    Those are called contour diapers if you are looking for them.

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