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Thread: Update for delivery

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    Default Update for delivery

    If anyone knows a good place to put this, feel free to move this thread please. There is probably a few threads this could fit in.

    So here it is, for everyone who can't have diapers shipped to their house. This is how my order is going from xpmedical.

    Friday, I went and got myself a prepaid credit card, and then place my order on xp for a whole case of abena x-plus! For the billing address I just put down my name, for the street I put down prepaid visa, and then my zipcode. For the shipping address I put down not the closes UPS store but a fairly close one. And put HOLD FOR PICK-UP right after its name.

    As soon as I was finished I got an emial verifying my order went through. So I was excited. I think xpmedical is closed on weekends for I heard nothing until yesterday which was monday. I got an email that told me that my order was shipped by UPS Ground. It also had the tracking number in the email as well. So I can now track my shipment.

    Although one will want to make sure that their email is only avaible to them so if you parents know your email just create a new one on yahoo, or aim, or anywhere. The reason for this is the emails do tell you what you ordered. It actually tells you everything about your order, so you definitely want only an email you have access too.

    So this is up to date so far! . I will let you know when they get in and how the pick up went for UPS.

    Also my dilema.... I have never had more than one pack of diapers in my life...and now I am going to have a full case. Hehe. I have no idea where I am going to hide all of them. I am only able to fit one whole pack into my fire safe and then I will have three more packs to figure out. I think I can get one behind one of my desk drawers, but then there is 2 left. Hmmmm. Time to think.


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    Let me know if that "hold for pickup" thing works. I've had something ship to a UPS store, and it was the most tedious task for trying to get it

    As far as the billing address goes, you could have just put the UPS as it. I believe if it's the same, they'd just put the shipping note in the box

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    Ya. Thanks. Also for when you do hold for pick up, make sure you call the UPS store ahead and let them know that there will be a package coming in that week.

    They tend to be a bit more friendly if they know they have a hold for pick up coming in. I called and told them, and asked if they did that. The guy was like let me check with my manager. Then he said yes, but if you don't pick it up the first or second day there will be a 5 dollar day hold charge. But I plan on pickin it up the first day!

    Also I have done this before with a different ups store, (for a different deliver, not diapers) and they just said they charge a 5 dollar charge for hold for pick up.

    So I think it depends on the store, but they definitly appreciate it and alot more friendly if they know about the delivery before it arrives.


    p.s. I will definitly let you know how this one gos!

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    are you using usps or ups? this sounds interesting and i will looking forward to the update

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    The xpmedical said it was being sent by UPS Ground, and I am having it delivered too UPS Store.

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    a whole case of abri form x plus? i have no idea where i would hide that LOL

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    I get stuff (mostly wine) delivered to the UPS store all the time. I've got a box, but they'll do them for non-boxholders as well. As someone else says, call, visit, or email the store and let them know you are expecting a delivery and give them your email address and they'll email you when it is in (they'll also call if you ask nice).

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    Yes, and with my experience they tend to call as soon as the package arrives. For the time I ordered they at least did it. We shall see what happens this time. Also I am tracking it, but for some reason it has not updated yet. How said, it still in the billing information received stage. noooooo. I need it by Friday! lol. It might be the darn snow!... even though I love snow... lol. I am a hypocrite :P

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    Good luck hiding a whole case, man. I'd have no idea where the hell I'd hide it all in my small room, plus the fact I'd only have my bike to get to the place, and back with the diapers.
    Have fun once you get them!

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