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    So, coming soon, I'll have a rare opportunity to go 24/7 for about 3 weeks. I was initially not planning on wearing to work, but I figure either some kind of disposable underwear or something thin and cloth backed with a pair of underwear overtop should be plenty thin and quiet. The only problem is that I usually find thin and quiet undesirable (I love my Dry 24/7s and Bambino Teddies and I'll rock those at home) since most of diaper wearing is done at home. Any pointers from people who have done this? Brands? How to stay discreet? How many should I expect to take with me and use every day?

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    Well, when I tried it for a week, I used Abena M3s. Reasonably thick, but thinner and more discreet than M4s. These days I'd probably use Tena Maxi, since they start off thin, and mould to the body well when wet. How many depends on how much you drink at work. I always carried supplies in a small backpack, so carrying three changes wasn't an obstacle (not that I ever used that many). I used an Abena bodystocking to supress crinkle and prevent sagging, and wore trousers that were somewhat loose.

    If you're paranoid, I'd do some test runs of going out padded while wearing work clothes, after work.

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    I wear Snuggies Waddler (regular) to work every day. Previously, I wore Totaldry Plus. They are both a good thickness for work - not thick and not thin. TDP have enough capacity for a small wetting while sitting or a regular wetting while standing. Waddlers have enough sap to deal with a large wetting while sitting, two while standing. Both have a hard plastic tape panel that can be slightly louder than you might like, but the shells of both are very quiet, so overall the diaper is pretty discrete.

    Both diapers are reasonably low cost, tapes are good, leak guards are excellent. Waddler shells are softer and they have front/rear elastic whereas the TDP do not. TDP have numbers on them to help get taped up quick if you are in a rush in the morning, and are cheaper than waddlers.

    I made the switch permanently to waddlers around the start of this year, and have been very happy with them. They're reasonably priced for daily wear, are good performers, and are very comfortable for wearing at work. (for a diaper you have to wear under clothes, I don't think there's anything more comfy than a waddler)

    So there's my recommendation. Waddlers also have a high enough capacity to take 3-4 wettings overnight, so they're pretty versatile. You could go your entire three weeks wearing nothing but them and really enjoy it.

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    You won't have any issues with wearing dry 24/7's I wear them 24/7 now and in almost a year no one has ever noticed I am wearing.
    Plan on 3 to 4 diapers aday minimum but with the dry 24/7's 3 should be enough for most days it all depends on how often you wet and how much.

    Remember don't push your diaper to the max when out and about leaks are no fun in public.
    Always wear a thicker premium diaper its better to be fully padded then have a cheap thin diaper that will probably leak.

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