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Thread: Diaper choice for enuresis

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    Post Diaper choice for enuresis

    My favourite brand is not available on the market anymore. Comficares were just perfect. Nobody knows when they will be able to deliver again and my stash shrunk to one sorrowful package. So I guess I'll just say: Bugger Me and switch to a new brand.
    I recieved a sample package of 16 different brands of dydees. I ordered them at "ABDLFactory", they ship from the Netherlands. I used to order Comficares from them. Nuts, considering I could have ordered them from within Germany but I found out about that after I placed my first order with them and I tend to stick with known good shops.
    Whatever, I totally WASTED that money, since all samples were loosely thrown into a - trashbag. Without any markings indicating which piece is which brand (except of course the ones with print, like Tena).
    Now I'm still really unsure of which brand I should stick with. I need something with strong tapes, plastic backed and high capacity. About 1 gallon would be nice (occasional heavy bedwetting).

    I still not tried out cloth. I don't trust these P-pants.
    Do you have any favourite disposables that roughly have these attributes?

    (There are some brands I will clearly stay away from which is Depends, Tena and "MyDiaper" Night size L and any similar products. I don't trust these enough with all my moving and shuffling during sleep)

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    Hi BenTennyson,

    It seems like comficares are still available - at least on their website
    The drycare are pretty good. I am not too familiar with local european variety diapers.
    Molicares are decent and Abri Form X Plus are also very good. I am mainly familiar with the US selection- and prefer the Northshore Supreme diapers.

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    I prefer the NorthShore supreme plastic backed ones, I was a cloth backed guy until I got a sample of the plastic backed. They are a bit bulky at first but I like the bulkiness between my legs I don't have any problem sleeping in them since I got used to them. Now I can't sleep unless I'm well padded at night.

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    The Northshores at least LOOK good, despite from their outer backing, judging by the pictures it looks kind of weak just like the Tena brand. I fear ripping them while asleep and spilling SAP all over my matress. How sturdy are these? The price is still bearable if I restrict wearing these only to nighttime and maybe choose another brand for the daytimes I may need them.
    I could seek advise from my family doc, but I presume it wouldn't turn out well. He'd insist me on going to a urogogist first to be checked in and outwards. I don't want insurance to be paying for this. It certainly would be easing up my purse but I'm NOT going to let anyone stick anything up my peehole. No way siree! I always had the impression that you need to be at least slightly sadistic to be able to work in any medical profession. Especially that one.
    Sound weird? Sound scared? I certainly am. Sorry for rambling and straying afar from my own topic.

    I heard Abena is well suited for the night. Any experiences? Should I re-post in IC-subforum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 43goofball43 View Post
    I prefer the NorthShore supreme plastic backed ones, I was a cloth backed guy until I got a sample of the plastic backed. They are a bit bulky at first but I like the bulkiness between my legs I don't have any problem sleeping in them since I got used to them. Now I can't sleep unless I'm well padded at night.
    The OP is in Germany. I don't think NorthShore sell in Europe.

    Those specifications cut down the choices rather severely. Plastic backing is on the way out after all. Offhand, I'd suggest the Molicare Super Plus or the ID Slip Expert Night. Other than that, you're into AB nappy territory like the Snuggies Waddler Overnight or the Rearz Spoiled.

    You don't mention price as a criteria. What are you prepared to pay? Frankly, the closest thing to the Comficare I've worn is the Rearz Spoiled, but that's pretty expensive for daily use.

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    I'd say 1,50EUR by brief is my pain threshold, although I could imagine going a bit more far when restricting them only to nighttime. Although I'm into that stuff, I don't need any fancy print or anything aside from my specs stated in the first posting.
    Rearz are way out of my budget, as you already stated they're much too expensive since I'd propably need one of these every night without dehydrating myself.

    Rearz is trying to peak their income, they put this up on their page:

    ABENA is increasing their prices SIGNIFICANTLY in the next 3 weeks.

    Also Molicare discontinued the Super Plus w/plastic outer.

    Please stock up now!!
    I don't believe a word.

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    For night protection I would chose cloth diapers and plastic pants, nothing beats them! I wear this combo myself. A prefold with a booster in it, and a pair of high waist plastic pants on top. Never have a leak with this combo.

    In regard to Rearz, they also have the "inspire" diaper which isn't targeting the ABDL as it's plain white. It supposedly should have the same absorbancy as the Dry 24/7 though not as expensive.

    I have read that Molicare is discontinuing the super plus "plastic backed" but until now I haven't had any problems getting them yet, I buy from
    IF you worry about absorbancy / leaking from the Molicares during the night, go with a larger size than you usual use. That get's the diaper to reach up to and above your belly, then add a couple of boosters in it, maybe add in a pair of plastic pants just to catch any possible leaks.

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    I would recommend going with Abena m4. Both saveexpress and abdlfactory stock them. Saveexpress is cheaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenTennyson View Post
    I heard Abena is well suited for the night. Any experiences?
    M4s are great for nighttime use (as well as for daytime). If you expect to wet a lot, you might just add one of their boosters (or Save Express' own ones, which are basically the same and cost a lil' less) and it'll most likely have enough capacity to last you the whole night no problem!

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    I found an Abena in the sample package, and I kind of liked it very much. I am so used to the Comfis that I find at least one particular bad thing on every other brand... well gotta jump over my shadow there.
    The Comfis were perfect except for one minor and one major thing... the minor one being that the tapes had no spare strip like you often see on other brands (blue on white strip) aaaaaand: They did leak very quickly if you SAT on them.
    Surprisingly, most of the samples I tried did NOT have that problem, they just soaked and soaked until they reached at least half their capacity. Thats a big plus.
    Well, considering the Comfi was intended as night-time only, the manufaturer propably didnt see that as a problem.
    I think I'll order a whole box of Abenas, Kolibri and MyDiaper Night for further exploration. The latter one is pretty usable compared to their daytime counterpart, which totally sucks. I would use these for daytime instead, since they're also not prone to leak while sitting down, and I'd not need as much protection at daytime ofc.

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