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Thread: Done lurking

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    Default Done lurking

    lurked long enough, so its time for this pup to say hi
    Hmmm, what to say....?

    I'm a Babyfur, I live in the uk. Slowly clawing my way out of hiding, I'm still living with my folks & as such still hiding pretty much everything. A little more of a DL than an AB but they're almost equal.
    ....aww heck I'm too shy to be good at these intro thingumies

    We'll if anyone wants to know more, just ask. I'll try my best to answer

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    Welcome Colfpup.

    Glad you're going to start posting!
    I'm a fur myself as well.

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    You have to admit, lurking was fun for awhile eh? I enjoyed it.

    Welcome to ADISC!

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    lurking has its benefits, but doing it too long defeats the perpose of coming here :P

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    Welcome to adisc colfpup.. I didn't lurk at all actually, something I probably should have, but the social ladder on this website isn't that high to climb, you'll fit right in for sure.

    I'm not too much into the entire furry thing myself, but it's good to see that you're slowly progressing into a more accepted state of mind . Are you thinking of telling about your feelings to anyone?

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    Yo, welcome to ADISC
    Always good to see another babyfur around here

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