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Thread: What diapers to try

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    Default What diapers to try

    I'm looking at getting some diapers.
    my plan was some abena m4 and molicare super plus but both of them are cloth backed.
    I was thinking of getting some tena slip maxi as they are still plastic backed and maybe one of the others. what cloth backed appear better?

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    Seni quatro are suposed to be really good cloth backed diapers:
    The Abena M4's at xpmedical are plastic backed. Nevermind I see you are not in the U.S. Do you want plastic or cloth?

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    Not too fussed but reading on here a lot don't like the cloth backed as they seep and prefer the plastic.

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    M4's are plastic backed. I just bought my first case recently. So far im very satisfied with them. While a little thick they are super absorbent and havent had a leak yet. Molicare super plus are plastic backed as well but I yet to try them. I have tried molicare comfort super though which is plastic backed with breathable cloth wings.

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    I always vote for Abena M4. However, never tried the Premium/ cloth backed version. But the classic/plastic version Is comfy, tall, crinkly, has nice embarrassing racing strips with two big wetness indicators, hold a lot (expecially with a booster), and it's durable. If you like the adult diaper look, they are a great choice. I liked the molicares but not the color of them.

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    Northshore Care Supremes are awesome. I put one on about 12 hours ago and have flooded it about 5 times with no leaks. Glad I bought a case of them.

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    I enjoy Tena slip ultima. Even though they are cloth I haven't had problem with liquid seeping through in my testing. I've worn one for about 12h maximum after drinking lots of coke so in my experience they hold a lot. Only problem with seeping comes if you tend to play with your bits through the diaper, then you may make a "hole" in the padding and with nothing for pee to absorb in, liquid will go through, as little drips. As long as you don't play with yourself then it shouldn't drip.. After all there is plastic cover even in cloth backed diapers, only little thinner.

    Personally after testing very many different diapers (attends, depends, tena, seni, comficare, molicare, abena, id... Almost everything in belted, taped and pullon) haven't had trouble with this even when wetting from full bladder. At least in my experiences it's more about feeling of security for some people, however understand that this is only my experience and others experiences might differ

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    The Northshore Care Supreme is becoming my new favorite over the dry 24/7, mostly due to practical absorbency, wicking distance, and price.

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    I'm from australia so looking at getting something from here online.
    and there are no plastic backed m4 or molicares.

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