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    First off I'm old enough to buy anything I please, I don't have paypal and never will and I'm not going to get a money order. My personal credit card is maxxed and shut off but that's how I've done my ordering in the past and I'm comfy with that method. If I get a prepaid visa from walmart and use it at xp medical what do you do for the "billing address section" of the online form? Is it left blank? Obviously the mailing address section will be where the diapers end up. Some post I've seen say you might have to call the number on the card and have them adjust something but I'm sure someone is 100% sure from doing this method with xp med. Please no "I heard this" or "I think but I'm not sure" responses to this. I need to know for sure by tonight or I'm just gonna get a walmart gift card and use it on their website to get molicares. I really want to get dry24/7 from xp med though because I haven't gotten them in years. Thanks all.

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    The billing address on a pre paid is where ever you registered the card to on the website of the prepaid card provider. If the card is already registered it should show the address information if you log in on the card providers website.

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    Thank you, I know that when I used my personal credit card and made a typo in the billing info it won't process the transaction. The billing info you fill out has to match the info tied to the card exactly. Hopefully it's printed on the back of the card or ez to find out.

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    If you get a reusable one you have to register it and it will be made with your name printed on it, then delivered to your home a few days later. These ones use your actual address. The single use (gift card) ones that are purchased with a predetermined amount from supermarket checkout lines will usually be issued with a printed till receipt that they staple to your booklet containing instructions and such. That will explain what name (usually just a random string of letters) and address you put in for the billing address if using online.

    Beware though, I know that some of the single use ones can't be used online. So make sure you check out the booklet first.

    Do you no have a debit card linked to your bank account that you could use? That would probably be better as no hassle of getting another card, and debit cards don't usually charge transaction fees whereas prepaid credit cards do.

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    If there's any address-checking done with prepaid "credit" cards, I have never once experienced it. I've variously received these as gifts and purchased them for myself, and always, when ordering online, I've entered my home address as the "billing address". It's always worked. Think about it: People are going to send these as gifts to family and friends, and those recipients aren't going to think to enter somebody else's address, a store's address, etc., in order to make a purchase. Rigorously enforcing that would make those cards fairly unappealing.

    Anyway, my first inclination would be to simply enter your own address when using one of these. It's never failed me, and it's not like you're going to get busted for identity theft or something for using the wrong address with a gift card. I guess it couldn't hurt to keep the receipt, though.

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    I completed my purchases and even on an old iphone3 it was ez to register my prepaid visa under my name and address just look up the cards parent company or the major chain stores u bought it at and when you register the card it only requires an address there is no "first name / last name requirement tho". U literally change the physical billing address attached to the card. But when u fill out the billing info on the sites u order from. For the visa I got there was no place to attach a name to the card. When I got to the billing info section of the sites I was ordering from i just used my real name and I guess it doesn't matter, if u r paranoid just use Jane doe/Joe... The name don't matter just the address u fill in when u register is important. I'm not sure how long prepaid cards have been around but I would have used them before I was 18 to have diapers shipped to my house. If your parent get to the package before you do it won't matter because you can use a false name, unless you get it sent USPS and your mailman knows your family they might see the false name and bring it directly to your parents. Ups and fedex drivers probably won't notice and just drop the package. Worst case scenario your parent get it and interrogate you, deny everything, and your diapers get thrown away. If you're city folk tho have the diapers sent to/held at a ups or fed ex store and just go pick them up. If you're over 18 and live with roomates or super nosy relatives you can get a PO box for something like 40$ a year, but most online site that use fed ex of ups will rape you in fees to deliver to PO box instead of a residence. Good luck to the covert diaper orderers out there, been there done that and it sucks.
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