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    Hello. I am a rather confused, but gradually learning (both about myself and the psychology of others) gradually over the 30+ years I have been alive. I have had a lifelong interest in diapers, although, somewhat unfortunately, I often associate it with punishment due to my upbringing. I was raised primarily in a rather strict, devoutly religious (Baptist) part of the United States (the Bible Belt actually), and was born into a military family, my father being both strict and also just over 10 years older than my mother and the fathers of my peers - this seemed to amplify his rigidity concerning child-rearing practices and punishment. I am currently pursuing a masters degree in clinical psychology, hoping to help those suffering from addiction and/or alcoholism, as I wasted many years of my life due to my own alcoholism, being unable to accept myself, and when able to accept myself, filled with an enduring and abiding self-hatred and feeling of inferiority, which I am gradually trying to overcome (I no longer drink). I am at the age where most of my friends are marrying, and while I do not come to this site to find a partner, I would definitely be interested in “How To” information on how to break the news to your partner, concerning an interest in diapers. I am also a spanking fetishist, and while I have had a good deal of success introducing spanking into relationships, I have had no success whatsoever in introducing either males or females (I am bisexual) to the ABDL aspects of my life/sexuality. Thank you for reading my somewhat rambling intro!

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    Welcome diaperboi! That wasn't rambling at all. In fact, it was quite informative as to your upbringing and current state of mind. This is the place to be for encouragement and support with like minded individuals. Never lose hope. There is always something to look forward to. It sounds to me like you have turned yourself around by quitting drinking and working on a degree to help others overcome a situation like you have gone through. Many here are or have been there. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Now, on to the fun stuff...Do you have any hobbies or interests when not in AB/DL mode? Do you like movies or reading for example?
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    Hello and welcome!

    I think you will like this community. I'm pretty new here myself, and so far I've been very happy here.

    Congratulations on going into the psychology field with an effort to help people. My current counselor has been a godsend for me.

    Anyway, hi and welcome.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I would think that it might be easier on one level, to find some acceptance where diapers are concerned, in a same sex relationship. Being gay would probably incline someone to be more accepting of alternative lifestyles. On the other hand, women might be more open to nurturing and thus playing the part of a "mommy". I'm bi as well, and when I was in college, I had a boyfriend, but I was to afraid to bring up my wanting to wear diapers. My wife does know and supports me, so I think both possibilities exist. It's a nothing ventured, nothing gained scenario.

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    courageous from you to basically share that much already with strangers. I'd love to chat with you, though helping you out from here might be over my head, because I'm a newbie myself.
    are you into sports or instruments or arts? if you are, which ones? do you like reading?
    anyway, welcome aboard

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