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Thread: Really positive huffington post podcast on diaper fetishes.

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    Default Really positive huffington post podcast on diaper fetishes.

    Saw this on /r/ABDL reddit, and I really enjoyed listening to it. I kinda feel like the guy they interviewed still hasn't explored that deeply into his fetish maybe, but It was a positive outlook on diaper lovers.

    This is a link to a mature section of huffington post, and a mature discussion of the topic. There is mention of other fetishes/kinks.

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    I'm listening to it now. It's well done. I've never heard a discussion like this, that was so professionally done on being a DL.

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    I think this is probably the best coverage I've ever seen/heard about ABDL from, if not mainstream media exactly, people who are outside the ABDL / BDSM scene. As outsiders they were definitely very sympathetic, although perhaps it did play on the painful side of being ABDL, but I'm happy to be a tragic baby if it gets me more cuddles ;-)

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    Brian was well spoken on a personal level, probably should've expanded more on ABDL in general, not generalize, just state the facts...

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    I listened to it. It's interesting to me that he's not much into either wetting or the baby stuff, very much a diaper fetishist related to the physical object, so his personal experience doesn't quite cover the typical ADISC member. Nevertheless, the stuff he spoke about being afraid to share it, hiding it for much of his youth, and coming to terms with it as an adult but still being afraid that other people knowing will cause them to somehow think less of him is definitely an experience many of us can empathize with.

    One thing I found interesting is the emotional stage he was at, where he had shared his fetish with only two people and was calling that show specifically because he was distressed about it and felt like it was affecting his relationships. I think it speaks well of this community in supporting people that many of the members here come with that sort of emotional distress and (I hope at least) end up more accepting of who they are and how they can have a richer relationship with their significant other. I've felt a lot more comfortable in myself since coming here, even if I'm still very cautious about who I share my fetish with.

    Anyway, well done though. That was definitely the most intellectual conversation I've heard about an adult diaper fetish and I thought "Brian" did a great job coming across as a person who had thought deeply about his own concerns and, even though they troubled him, he at least had some understanding of why he was troubled and could speak eloquently and calmly about it.

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