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Thread: First thrift store find!

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    Default First thrift store find!

    The last few days I've been browsing the local thrift stores in hopes of coming across any diapers. Well, today was it! I went in to a Goodwill near my house and bought my first diapers from a thrift store. They were nothing special: cheap, thin, light blue, plastic-backed medical/hospital diapers with no name on them. The price wasn't too bad, 10 diapers for $2.75. I figured it was worth a shot! I am now wearing one...hoping to wet it in just a few minutes. Exciting!

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    I saw some diapers in a charity shop (forgot which one) the other week, they were pullups so I wasn't interested in buying them.
    Too many people in the shop as well, haha.

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    I didn't expect to find anything great...however; these were tape-on and plastic-backed, so that's not too bad. Performance wise though, they suck. Above all else I just wanted to cross "buy diapers from thrift store" off my diaper bucket list! I will continue to keep looking though; hoping for something halfway decent or vintage!

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    My experience at thrift stores has not been lucky. I mostly find uncomfortable diapers that take the joy out of wearing them.

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    That's pretty much what these are...I was just excited to find diapers in a thrift store. I'm not really sure why...maybe because it was so cheap or maybe it was the rush of not knowing what kind of diapers they even were and I couldn't wait to try one!

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    Where did you find them in the thrift store? Are they put with miscellaneous items, or somewhere specific?

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    the goodwill near where i live, has a whole shelf of diapers. You can sometimes find something good.

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    Curious: When you find diapers in thrift shops, are they always in full un-opened packages? It seems like they wouldn't have opened ones the same way you wouldn't sell opened packages of regular underwear.

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    Open packages of diapers aren't the same as opened packages of underwear, just sayin.. the diapers may have just not been the right fit for the person they were purchased for and instead of just throwing the package away they donated the rest of the unused ones. Underwear would be a much more obvious case of being used and just thrown back in the packaging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yooo View Post
    Where did you find them in the thrift store? Are they put with miscellaneous items, or somewhere specific?
    I'm sure if there's enough of a diaper donation, a thrift store may have a dedicated space for them. I was looking in clothing and housewares. In passing, these were located on an end cap of a children's clothing aisle. I suppose the best thing to do is walk around the whole store, they could be located anywhere!

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