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    Default F.e.a.r. 2

    Who has it? Who's beat it? Who was creeped out at the end? How many times did the game make you jump or let out a string of obscenities?

    I bought it on the 11th (release date), Andy got it for his birthday (2/12) and beat it last night. Anyone else?

    (Note: I am not responsible for any spoilers that could come from this thread)

    For some reason the title went from F.E.A.R. 2 to F.e.a.r. 2 >_>

    EDIT: Can a mod move this I didn't realize there was a "Computers and Games" sub. Sorry
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    Muahahahah..... if only I had more time... if only.

    Anyways to answer question I got this game on its release date and I am half way through it. Just too much h.w. from school. ugh. I want to play tonight but I have 3 java programs I have to create...NOOOOOoooo.

    It is hecka good and I love it. So much better than F.E.A.R, but when F.E.A.R came out that game was sweet as well. I find this too be a lot more creepier. I got it for my ps3 (i am a trophy *hor*), or else I would have gotten it for the P.C. only because the P.C. graphic are about a million times better. :P

    Anyways when I finish the game I shall let you know what I think!'


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    lol yea update me.

    Andy got it for 360 because we refuse to purchase a ps3. (no offense)
    but he also is downloading it for PC because he says you can mod it without getting in trouble like you can with 360's.

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    UGH! I been to busy... lol. So ps3 haters huh? :P.. jkjk. Ya it will be sick for the PC though... such a difference in graphics. Like I said I am a trophy i gotta get games like that for ps3. lol.

    One day i might get an xbox... just broke right now. :P

    I hope I can play some FEAR tonight though...


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    My Friends Got F.E.A.R I Think, The Game With The Freaky Little Girl?

    If So, He's Got It, And In One Level Theres A Room Full Of Blood, And A Sign Saying: "Please Help Us Keep This Room Clean!" I Cracked Up... Lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laram5 View Post
    My Friends Got F.E.A.R I Think, The Game With The Freaky Little Girl?

    If So, He's Got It, And In One Level Theres A Room Full Of Blood, And A Sign Saying: "Please Help Us Keep This Room Clean!" I Craked Up... Lol.
    Yea the freaky girl, Alma Wade. She's in both games.
    Most of the time there is blood leaking from ceilings and what not.

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    Aight! Wow... nothin like being addicted. :P I have work in 5 hours tomorrow. Planned on going to bed 3 hours ago lol, but wanted to beat FEAR 2! Well i did... and on the hardest mode as well. (but it was not crazy hard?) Anyways...for the ending... haha. I culd spoil it for people...but just say i liked it.Weird too...but very interesting. YAYAYA. we all know what this means. :P

    Coolest part though was I was in the end level where she keeps popping up (well no one ever calls my house past 9pm because that is when everyone is asleep usually... well my parents.. and my mom gets mad if people call past then.) anyways as soon as she jump at the screen the phone rings like 10:30 at night... OMG i almost fell off my chair hehe.

    best way to play the game... hd tv, complete dark room, by urself!



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    Hah, Nathan (My Friend) Plays It HD Moniter, Dark Room, Really Loud, And Gets Scared To Hell When She Appears Out Of Nowhere... But It Doesn't Scare Me? But Alas, Nothing Scares Me ATM Lol.

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