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Thread: Diapers are amazing :D

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    Default Diapers are amazing :D

    Its been awhile since I got my hands on a good set of diapers, I bought some in public, it was kind of embarrassing because the lady before me was using a credit card to buy like 2 items and it took forever, and wanted to get out of there asap ahaha.

    I've noticed that after awhile of wearing diapers, your body calms down, i get excited when I first put one on, but it tends to ease, I've gotten the hang of wearing diapers, I've gotten used to male diapers(although I'm a female trapped in a male body) and they don't leak when I pee in them, because I've gotten used to positioning.

    I tried sleeping in them last night, but it seems that I was thinking too much about them.

    Oddly enough, there really amazing, I just love them, I've gotten myself some drynites, and they work a treat for now, better than nothing, and seems to be better than depends, I've gotten the hang of peeing in them without leaking.

    I also got comfortable wearing in public, though I'm not going to do that again too risky.

    oddly enough, its relaxing and awesome.

    Diapers are so amazing, miss the feeling of good diapers you know?

    Just though i would share my experience, oddly enough I think diapers are the reason for my bladder leakage, I get slight leakage after peeing.. hmm.


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    Yes, after a long Hiatus, nothing is more therapeutic than feeling the tremendous padding pushing your legs apart as your legs waddle and you crinkle with each step.

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    yea, after a few months for me not having them, its finally nice to be in them again

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    When I first saw the title I was like "really? remember where you are buddy?" haha but yeah I'm yet to buy any diapers since I live in such a small town and there are almost no adult diapers in stores. One day though.. one day.

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