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Thread: I've Discovered ABDL RPG's

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    Default I've Discovered ABDL RPG's

    So I was surfing the web the other day and I came across a game called Momsterous, and ABDL game about a succubus sucking the maturity out of a town. It was super fun to play but it was unfinished. I also played Weston Academy by that is also unfinished. So now I need help, I really would like to play more of these RPG games, which seem a lot like Pokemon but aren't, but i can't find a whole lot of them, has anyone came across any or do you have any to share?

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    I wish Weston Academy was finished as well.

    I know of a few age regression based text adventure games like house of dreams and operation sleepover if those would suit your fancy

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    TootieTa, What are they??

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    has anyone played Abordal?

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