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Thread: My review of Dry Comforts

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    Default My review of Dry Comforts

    1.they leak after one wetting
    2.they have virtually no protection just two rubber strips for each side
    3.they have two 3/4 inch wide and 1 1/3 long weak tapes on each side
    4.there an ugly blue color
    5.dont even feel like real diapers
    6.the padding after one wet goes to the genetal area
    7.the crinkle is too loud
    8.12 diapers per bag
    Post your review if u tried them

    this is my review

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    Thanks for your review, but do you mind putting it in the wiki page?

    Heres the link-

    That would be swell, thanks.


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    Regardless of the bad review, I'd like to try em out someday. As for crinkle, crinkle is never too loud, we all hear differently. And i don't mind any color, a diaper could be blood red and I wouldn't care 1 bit. Besides, for me, white gets boring after a while.

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    where do you find Dry Comforts at? sounds like a hospital brand...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    where do you find Dry Comforts at? sounds like a hospital brand...
    i dont remember sry

    google it

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    I have tryed Dry Comfort and they are a decent diaper. They are alot better than a normal depends. However they are deffinatly CRINKLY so I would advise against wearing them around people when it is going to be quite. Dry comfort is a subsidarary company of SCA, SCA makes other incontinece products, one being the Tena line. As far as were to get them, I found the ones I tried in a medical supply store. Well I hope that helps.

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