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Thread: What diaper should I get

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    Default What diaper should I get

    so right now I wear certainty Walgreens briefs. I am looking to get a thicker mor absorbent diaper. I was thinking molicare, north shore or abrena briefs. What do y'all recommend? Any other good brands that would be more babyish? Thanks

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    Go to xp medical, the have tested / reviews of all the diaper heavy hitters

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    The ones you mentioned should all be more impressive than what you've been buying. Of those, I'd be most inclined towards Abena 4s (M4/L4). In terms of babyish and thicker diapers, take a look at:

    Despite the bad per diaper price, a sample pack is always the way to go to start out, both to accurately judge size and see if the way it fits really suits you.

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    I really like the dry 24/7 personally, however they are all white and not very babyish. XP medical is probably going to be your best bet, they diaper revies, have good prices, and discrete shipping.

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    Abena M4 is great, the North Shore briefa are pretty good and Dry24/7 is pretty awesome as well.

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    I like and use the Dry 24/7's I hear good things about northshore as well but have never tried them (can't find a Canadian distributor)

    I started out wearing level 2 Abenas while out and about but have now switched to 100% 24/7 using Dry 24/7's

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