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Thread: Boo boos?

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    Default Boo boos?

    Has anyone had a littk slip up during playtime, and what was the experience?
    If you were alone did it just snap you back to adult mode? If you had a caretaker how did they respond?

    Me and my gf ( resident Momma) were having a bit of a little day, so she let me out into the back yard while she had to make some phone calls. As always I didn't exactly snap into being little, so I just let childish curiosity take over, and I browsed the yard for bugs and places to set up toy dinosaurs. Anyway, when I was done I went to come in and tripped and fell into the kitchen; hurting my knee on the metal thingy that let's the patio door slide open and close. Took me a second and she saw me fall, I started my fake crying I do, because I can't actually cry at all, and she ran over and gingerly accessed the situation, she went and got a some bandage and applied it carefully, kissed it better and held me close on the couch. Pure padded bliss~

    So Booboos? How do they affect your little, AB/DL, etc. time?

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    Not exactly a boo boo but when I first got the chance to wear an adult diaper, Because it was a secret I had to put in on myself, and somehow I ended up twisting my back trying to get the tapes on. It hurt really bad for about a day and a half. No lasting damage but it felt really awkward trying not to limp around my parents while my back was in pain.

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    Scales ~ I cry for real for booboos. (Or sniffle at the very least.) I'm a huge wimp when it comes to flesh wounds as an adult. As an original kid, nope. I cracked my head open, and ran around playing with toys in the waiting room like it was no big thing. They uh.... had to sterilize them all, since it looked like a B-grade horror film. Haha

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    Wow Gundamexia, that sounds like a shame, but at least you got to wear diapers, so silver crinkly white linings.

    That's perfectly fine Nyssa, I'd give anything to actually cry instead of just sobnung and whining. * hug* And child-you sounds like a champ!

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    I definitely cry if I accidentally hurt myself.

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    When I hurt myself I never really snap back into adult mode except when I NEED to. A few weeks ago I hurt my leg and I tried not to let it get to me until I realised part of my carpet was soaked in blood then I kind of had to go deal with that, but normally I'm just naturally very childish when I hurt myself.
    I cry and whimper all the time when I hurt myself. I can't really help it. It was kind of akward when I was in hospital a few months ago and my mum was with me and I sort of yelped a bit and started to cry when I had to have a needle in my arm

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    I dislike injections and getting blood drawn for tests.
    53 years ago, I remember being scared to death of the hypodermic needle for vaccinations (which by the way, did no cause my Autism).

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    I dislike injections and getting blood drawn for tests.
    53 years ago, I remember being scared to death of the hypodermic needle for vaccinations (which by the way, did no cause my Autism).
    Hah! Yes! People need to hear that more often

    I have been very sure of myself since I was a kid, I didn't need much help even if I fell and got hurt. I just might not be able to reach all the tools needed to treat my wound. My little mode is between 4-6 years old and the whole shtick of being in little mode is this "I am sooo big! Look at all I can do!" kind of thing.. even if I really can't actually do it all haha

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    Some really interesting experiences. Thank you all so far for sharing!

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