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Thread: The Work Rant Thread

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    Default The Work Rant Thread

    Warning: Ranting and/or random b*tching below, completely unimportant. Reading unnecessary, unless you have time to kill.

    Now that disclaimer's been disclaimed, this thread is the Work Rant Thread (as per the title.) It should be used to post general rants about your work, things that bug you about it, or just anything you want to say about your job. I've been needing a place to unload about my job (It's awful. XD), so I figure I'll put it here where others can do the same. Enjoy, and do not hesitate to post your own rants.

    Let the ranting begin!

    First off, I'm quite sick of my job. I work in the food service industry (not quite McDonalds, but not quite a sit-in restaurant. Give ya a hint, it's ALLEGEDLY "always fresh."), and I am thoroughly sick of it. I have quite an odd situation. I get yelled at by mangers for going TOO FAST. When I get really enraged (whether it be because they give me a job list equivalent of 2-3 seperate people's jobs, other people that aren't even managers are telling me to do their jobs (bakers being too f*cking lazy to bake so they tell me to do it, while at the same time making orders), or just because our place is a general sh*thole, in which we are rarely adequately stocked on materials), I tend to have to speed up to close the gap in what I can do, and what I have to do. It really doesn't bother me, I can handle it because my body starts to pump adrenaline, but they always tell me to slow down... When's the last time you've heard a boss tell a worker to work slower?!
    Second, I REALLY hate customers. Not every customer, but the ignorant ones... They get under my skin something fierce. We have a section of our facility closed for renovation (it's like a collection of restaurants), and so the tables there are blocked off. It used to be with chairs, in a line, but then the customers would move them, as if there was no reason there was a solid wall of chais across an area. This both creates a nuisance to the workers (who enjoy being in the blocked-off section on break, so as to avoid the by then thoroughly annoying customers, since we have no break room. I wish to eat my food without being annoyed by customers, for the 30 minutes I have to get away from them.), and creates a new area to have to keep clean (there are always plenty of seats in the other area, even for everyone to sit at their own table, without sharing tables with other customers.). We had then blocked it off with those little stretch-out ropes on poles (for making line queues and the like), yet they still fail to realize that they are NOT supposed to unhook them and enter the section in question. Next, we had gone as far as to place the vending machines in the path to there, leaving only a tiny section that we had no machine to fill roped off with the rope-pole things. I had, remembering the past events, wrapped the attachment areas with duct tape, so as to maybe hint at the fact that they should not be tampered with. : (The poles are also stuck to the floor by "pegs" that go into pre-set holes in the floor.) As I went to go on break, there was one customer TRYING TO REMOVE THE TAPE. This, greatly p*sses me off. Customers just get under my skin, I guess.

    Rant over. Please post some of your own work stories/rants.

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    Lol.. well I take it you are a cook? I work in foodservice also I am a dishwasher in a restaurant iniside a hotel... if you want to talk about rant, u should see me when one of the other guys leaves food on the dishes they were SUPPOSED TO CLEAN! and puts it away w/ the clean dishes and i get the blame for it cause i am the one working...

    and heres the jist of it.. i only work on weekends?

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    The public is shit. Full of ratbag wankers.

    Guidelines for the "valued" customer:

    1. Just because you bring in last week's catalogue with you doesn't mean you can get last weeks catalogues prices.

    2. The sale dates are on the FRONT of the catalogue... Please read and understand these dates and come in store DURING those days for the current special prices.

    3. I don't care if you got the catalogue late, and by the time you got here, everything was sold. Tough luck, next time eh?

    4. I also don't care if your friend Nancy got something yesterday, that you would also like, and today you have come in, and we're - heaven forbid - sold out! That’s tough luck, your fault for not coming in early enough.

    5. Yes, sometimes we do sell out of things, at 9.30am on the first day of the sales. That is also tough luck. Next time, you might learn to come in earlier!

    6. YES!! I WORK HERE! Do you think I’m wearing this bloody ugly uniform with the store's logo on it because it looks cool on me? Oh, and I’m not just doing this store a favour by unpacking items and moving stock around. I WORK HERE FOOL! So don’t ask if I work here, just ask your dumbass question so I can get back to – yes, working!

    7. No, you are not always right, just because you are “the customer”. We are right. We always will be. We work here and yes, we know the rules.

    8. No, you don’t get something for free because it scanned incorrectly at the register. Just because X-store can do it, doesn’t mean we can.

    9. Just because you argue, doesn’t mean you’ll get what you want. You won’t. You will get less. Trust us.

    10. If you’re pleasant to us, we’ll be pleasant and helpful to you. Be an asshole, we’ll be one back.

    11. Just because we work here, doesn’t mean we know all of our products. We aren’t God. We will happily page/call/try to find someone to help you instead. Please be patient, because, as I said, we aren’t God.

    12. If I’m working in, say, the Towels department, don’t come to me asking what the difference is between 2 different vacuum cleaners are. Chances are I have no idea. Don’t get the shits when I tell you this, because it’s your fault you came to me in the first place. Go back to that area and find the person who actually works in that section! Or alternatively, wait patiently for me to get them for you.

    13. Sometimes, you just need to LOOK. God gave you eyes, please use them. Most of the time, the answer to your question is right in front of you. Classic examples - “How much is this photo frame?” Top right hand corner… wow - the price - “$19.99”. “What size is this quilt cover?” Right in the middle of the pack – “QB”.

    14. Yes, I understand sometimes our items do not have the price. That’s what our “Price Checkpoints” are for. Go scan it yourself.

    15. Don’t make comments on the price. We don’t really care. We don’t make the prices or have anything to do with it. Go somewhere else if you’re not happy.

    16. Is there a constant need to pull our stock out of its packaging? Open it, feel it - if you must. But don’t pull it out. Turn it over; you will see a photo of the quilt. This is a pretty good resource.

    17. If there happens to be a good reason to pull it out (there never is), PUT IT BACK IN! Do we come to you’re house, trash it and leave?

    18. If we tell you that you cannot purchase the display, we mean it. If you ask to see a manager, we will happily get one for you, but they will only repeat what we just told you.

    19. If you want to pay the $16 extra that we as a store had to pay to put it together, then that is fine. And yes, we understand “it’s easy to put it together, I could do it myself” but that’s not the point. LEGALLY we are not allowed put displays together. Plus, we have better things to be doing.

    20. If you ask if we sell something and in the 3 years we have worked here, we have not sold it - we will say “no”. If, by some strange reason last night we happen to get that very product in, and you walk away from us, and happen to find it - Do not come back to us and say “look! You DO sell it!” and give us a greasy look. We don’t care.

    21. 99% of the time we do know the products that we sell in the section that we work in. Do not try to tell us we don’t know what we’re talking about. We do.

    22. Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you’re right.

    23. Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you can be an asshole. Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean we won’t be one back.

    24. Just because something was one price last week, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same price this week. It’s called a “sale”. You should have just bought it last week!

    25. No, we don’t match prices. Go to the place that is selling the “same thing” for a cheaper price.

    26. Don’t ask if you can have something cheaper because the box is broken. If there is another one there, buy that one. That one’s box isn’t broken. Cheapskate.

    27. Don’t ask if you can have something cheaper because the box is broken, and tell us it’s for a present. It is still going to be a present even if you get a discount isn’t it? A discount won’t mend the box and you’re only going to chuck it out anyway!

    28. Don’t look at me and say “SPACEBAGS!” and expect me to be nice to you. I’ll probably do you the same courtesy and just point in the direction of them and say “THERE!”

    29. If you ask where to find something, LISTEN to the answer. Don’t walk away once we have started tell you where to find it. Otherwise, we’ll stop talking and walk away.

    30. If you have walked away without hearing the rest of what we were going to say… DO NOT COME BACK AND TELL US YOU CAN’T FIND IT! You should have listened to us when we were telling you the first time!

    31. When we explain to you where something is, please look properly. We were actually giving you correct directions. When you come back and tell us you can’t find it, we will walk with you, to exactly where we explained, but we will think you are very stupid.

    32. Don’t ask if that is the only place where something is kept. No… we like to spread things out all over the store. Idiot.

    33. No, I will not mind your crap while you go do something else. I am not your servant. I will walk away, and that’s tough if someone else takes it.

    34. If you leave 3 things in a trolley, left unattended for longer than 30 minutes, I will proceed to put them away. That is your fault for leaving it.

    35. If there is stock in a customer trolley, and there are no available trolleys, please ask if you can take it. We will happily unload the trolley for you. Please don’t take it upon yourself to dump it all out onto the floor. You do realise other people can trip on it? Fool.

    36. Yes, sometimes we do not have trolleys in the store. We have noticed. Go outside and get one from the trolley bay or complain to someone else. I don't care.

    37. If there is a big line at lay-by/registers and we are working on the floor nearby, don’t give us “that look”. It isn’t our job to serve there and we probably aren’t even trained to use the registers. We might, if you’re lucky, get someone else to do something about it. But seriously, if you want to shop at our store, expect to wait at least 5-10 minutes before you are served. Otherwise, go elsewhere.

    38. Just because something is out of its packaging, don’t expect to get it for a ridiculously low price. Your friend probably pulled it out anyway.

    39. Don’t ask why 2 different sheets sets are completely different prices. The answer is… because they're different! Different colours and sizes make a difference. No, you cannot have the pink one for the blue one’s price.

    40. If the ticket underneath the toaster you want to purchase says “Mars Bar 75gm $1.99”, that means, it’s the wrong ticket. Sorry, you cannot have a $49.99 toaster for $1.99.

    41. If the ticket underneath the Queen Size quilt cover you want to purchase says “Quilt Cover SB $79.99” - sorry, that’s the wrong price. SB is “Single Bed”, you are holding a “Queen Bed” size, it’s not our fault some customer before you doesn’t know how to put things back where they found them.

    42. If you see we are working in an aisle (it is obvious, we’ll be standing there, cutting open boxes, and there will be lots of cardboard around us), please do not walk through it. If you trip, it will be your own fault.

    43. If you see a “careful – wet” sign and we are next to it using a mop and bucket, do not walk through it. We are trying to clean up the mess that your child probably made. Oh, and IT IS WET! Fool.

    44. No, there is definitely no more of that stock "out the back". We aren't stupid, it can't sell if it's not on the shelf. And if it WAS "out the back" we would tell you and get it for you! The point of the store is to MAKE SALES! Not hide the stock from you!

    45. Yes, sometimes we are lying about there not being any stock "out the back", because we can't be bothered getting it for you - Have you seen what it looks like out there? Even if i WANTED to get it for you, I wouldn't be able to!

    46. Oh, did I mention... the phrases "100% Happy" and "We aren't happy unless you are"...

    ...they're lies. Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    The public is shit. Full of ratbag wankers.

    Lukie, have you seen my one and only blog post?

    Aren't they all just idiots?

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    If you need to deal with a large organization with thousands of employees, call the MAIN NUMBER of that organization if you don't know the name of the department you need. (Hint: the main number is probably on the organization's website.) Do not just call some random person in some department of this org and expect that they will instantly know the answer to your question, or that they have time to deal with you.

    Also, it really pisses me off that YOU took the day off yesterday, and now I have to come in on VALENTINE'S DAY (a Saturday) to deal with something that is YOUR JOB. Not mine. When I already do so much to support you since you don't even know how to attach pics from a CD onto an email. Not to mention I also dealt with this all day yesterday and didn't have time to work on my own work and wound up being late for my volunteering that evening. And I made my boyfriend cupcakes Thursday night and since I didn't go see him last night since I have to work today, they are now sitting on my countertop getting stale.

    There, that's my rant. I really hope none of my co-workers are secretly AB's getting on this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesmerale View Post
    Lukie, have you seen my one and only blog post?

    Aren't they all just idiots?
    Can't say I have seen it, sorry! Want to link me up?

    But yes, I couldn't agree more! After 6 years of slavery in the retail sector, I've not only grown contempt for the general public, but more importantly my first-hand experience ensures I treat all service staff with kindness, consideration and respect.

    After all, it's their job to help me and provide me with the services I'm after. I'm not going to bite the hand that feeds, so to speak.

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    Excellent Lukie, I had a good laugh.
    That was very well done, I can totally relate to your experience.

    I have worked in retail for 14 yrs. and have seen all that and more.

    Since I am the guy that assembles stuff in the store, I have been asked " do you work here" way more times than I can count. Even when I am on a manlift working 20 ft. in the air.
    Sure I'll just stop working, come all the way down and help you, ya right.

    Funny how it does not matter which side of the world you are on, there are idiot, ignorant, rude customers everywhere.

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    I had a guy call the other night (I work Togos at Chili's) asking for something like Double Ribs, which we don't have. He threw a fit, told me to pull out the menu that I spent hours memorizing, and after telling him we've never had a Double Ribs and making a suggestion for another order of ribs that's similar he hung up on me.

    Fun right?

    Ahaha this is always fun...our restaurant is built so the kitchen is in the middle in the back, and the table essentially go from the front to the side of the back in a U shape. There are restrooms on the right side of the restaurant, and if you're sitting on the other side it's possible to walk, look through the kitchen and see the other side. Apparently because you can SEE the other side of the restaurant means you can walk through the pass out and get in everyone's way to avoid having to walk AROUND.

    I'm going to LOVE this Not Always Right website

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