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    Hey I just ordered from Snuggies last week - it appears the leasing office of my condo had the package delivered to them and signed for it. Just wondering if anyone knows how discreet there shiping is. I know at this point, they have seen it and signed for it, just wondering if I am going to get smirks when I pick it up or if they will have no idea what is in the box. I know everyone says discreet shipping, but I had diapers shipped when I lived in an apartment previous to this and had diapers that were shipped not so discreetly which made it a tad embarrassing when I went and claimed them.

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    It's discreet, you have nothing to worry about. I'm pretty sure the name of the company in the return address is SDI, which will return a lot of Google results. None of which are Snuggies Diapers!

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    I've also been wanting to expand my variety (so far I've been a Bambino and Abena loyalist). I've got Snuggies on my radar.

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    well they came and were discreet. Tape was a little loose on the top of the box but unless my apartment manager was gonna be super snoopy she would never know. Cant wait til Friday night to try them out. I wear every night after work and going to the gym but usually dont use premium diapers until the weekend so I get more than 2-3 hours of use so gonna make due with attends and or goodnites the next two nights then baby night friday!!

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    I think you'll find that most companies that ship diapers whether it's for incontinence, ABDL's, or both; are very discreet. Wearing diapers in today's society is (at least by the non-wearing public) considered something to be ashamed of. Of course it's nothing to be ashamed of, but that's the common misconception.

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