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Thread: Babied By My Best Friend

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    Default Babied By My Best Friend

    Hi guys, I already updated it before but I think it deserves and thread on it's own. You see, my best friend came to visit me for the week, and needless to say, we had a blast. It was awesome, because he was up to babying me. He accepts and embraces my ABDL side, so he is the best big bro ever. This is what we did:

    + I wore diapers 24/7, Snuggies, and I slept with him in the same bed with me diapered.

    + He sang lullabies for me to sleep every night.

    + He convinced me to take a pacifier out in public as a necklace, so I did and sucked it in the outdoors. He found it adorable cause he hugged me every time I'd put the paci on my mouth.

    + He cuddled me. A LOT! There was one time I put my head on his lap and started sucking my thumb and he rubbed my hair lovingly.

    + He changed me once. It was his first diaper change ever, so it was a beautiful experience.

    He's back on Mexico, but it was the best time ever!!

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    AWWWWWWwwwww, sounds super duper fun and amazing. I'm jelly.

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    Uhhhh where did you find this guy? I want one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theQman View Post
    Uhhhh where did you find this guy? I want one!
    Hahaha, we've been friends for 10 years. He's my bestest friend, as you can see! We met in middle school!

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    Sounds like he's a keeper. I'm glad you have someone who you are so close to.

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    Thanks guys!! It was definitely the highlight of the year! It was so amazing to be babied by him. His brother was here too, and we're very close too so he babied me slightly too. They were amazing!! That's what you get of 10 years of having the best friend ever!!

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