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Thread: Different Taping Strategy?

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    Default Different Taping Strategy?

    Anyone try this taping strategy or anything unique?

    Are there any other premium diapers other that dry 24/t that have elastic waistbands?

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    Hmm, I will try this when I get home from work, I feel as though I might have leaks doing it that way, the bottom tapes are suppose to go around your thighs and be snug then the top tapes obviously around the top, also the bottom tapes should land on the wing, if there landing on the front padding the diaper is to big or it's the wrong cut for your body type. But I will try it and report through the evening on this thread, quick question am I aloud to show a pic? Keeping it pg13 and not wet?

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    Seems like it would negatively effect the seal of the leg gathers and leak guards.

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    This strategy actually works very well and doesn't compromise the effectiveness of the diaper at all.

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    This is what I always do. It's fantastic especially for laying prone. I used to tape the bottom on s down to seal around the legs but this method actually yields a nicer leak free fit.

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    Wow- I watched the video again then just put on a dry 24/7 medium standing, I used the same technique, wow!! The bottom seal between legs and butt feels more snug, the tops are still in place and equal.. Nice idea.. We'll see how this plays out

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    How would that taping method work with six tape diapers like Depends and Attends with Waistband?

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    Ok so good morning, I was diapered with the "new tape strategy" all night, I did wet a little during the night. The diaper remained snug all night. It was also more comfortable to wear, sometimes with the traditional taping method the bottom tapes somehow end digging into my hips, this method laughs at that. I will be wearing all my diapers with way from now one. To the OP - A big thanks -

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    Hey this looks good! Gonna try it when I diaper up for the night !

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    Quote Originally Posted by mankato2000 View Post
    Anyone try this taping strategy or anything

    Are there any other premium diapers other that dry 24/t that have elastic waistbands?
    There's no other American brand other than Depend, that has an elastic waistband. That's because Kimberly Clark has and owns the US Patent.

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