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Thread: Telling a friend?

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    Question Telling a friend?

    Have you ever told a friend/ partner about your fetish? If you did how did you go about it and how did they respond? Also what made you trust that particular person?

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    The only person I've told actually guessed. I told her I had a weird fetish (I trust her unconditionally) and her third guess was "You want me to change your nappy?" Obviously not applicable to all situations, but I found it easier to say yes, than I did the explain my whole.... Kink.

    She was really good with it and we had a good few days together. Guess I was lucky though.

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    I told a girl I was seeing and living with for a few months about being a DL. She was one of my best friends before we became an item and she still is now after we've stopped seeing each other and I moved away.

    After we started dating she was very open with me about certain things she liked so it was actually quite easy for me to open up to her about this. That might sound a bit tit-for-tat but knowing she trusted me with some of her deepest secrets made it massively easier to trust her. She is still to this day the only friend who knows about this and it doesn't concern me at all that she knows. On the contrary, it started me down a path of self-acceptance.

    Her reaction was completely non-judgemental and accepting. She has a few kinks herself so knew what it was like to be into things people might find odd. She wasn't interested in partaking but said she was glad I'd told her and that by telling her it would help me feel more comfortable telling future partners (we knew at that point the relationship would be ending). Interestingly though, she did say her participation in wearing nappies would be a completely different story if we were together for the long haul. If we were in a serious long term relationship she said she would have been happy to try it.

    I know, she sounds perfect right...

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    I've come dangerously close to telling my best friend a few years ago, but I'm really glad I didn't. He's kind of an asshole and pretty close minded about people who are different. I feel like he might use it against me if something ever happened between us. But I do remember giving him huge hints about my abdl tendencies hoping he would catch on or ask about it or something. Once when he came over I pretended to accidentally stumble upon an "old" pacifier in my room and starting sucking on it as a joke. I also brought up the topic of fetishes every now and then and made sure to say something like "you know there's a fetish for diapers? Apparently it's not very uncommon either. Weird huh?". I guess it was a way of testing the waters to see how he's react. I don't remember what he said but the word "ew" and "freaks" came up.

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    I told my boyfriend about a year ago (we've been dating for 4 years now). First I told him about this show I saw on TLC about an adult baby. That was actually the first time I heard that there is such thing as adult babies, so I didn't even know I was one. Then I realized I actually was AB and that's why the show fascinated me so much a few days later, and after a few more days I decided to tell him. I started with "Do you remember the show I told you about? I think I might be an adult baby." He told me he thought so and that it was ok. It was a bit more difficult for me to tell him I'm also a DL (especially because I still didn't completely accept this part of me), but he was fine with that too. I knew I could trust him because he never disappointed me and he's always been a person you could trust (even for other people).
    Good luck with telling someone, I hope you'll fing someone trustworhty

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    I had to tell my wife when she stumbled on to my diaper order, and it went quite well. She was very understanding and asked if I had enough supplies, etc. She has since bought me plushies, footed jamies, shortalls, sippy cups, and Baby Pants training pants.

    I also told my boyfriend from college and he was very accepting of it. I mean, we had a torrid relationship all through college, so it wasn't a big stretch that I was a little weird or different.

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    I told one close friend; he was accepting and we don't ever talk about it.

    A friend of mine told me about her being ABDL back when I didn't know I was ABDL myself. I like to keep an open mind, so I had no judgment to pass or anything. Although, it did kind of come between a relationship we had, but what can you do?

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    Several close friends of mine know. None of them really care to be honest, it was just a "Hey you like what you like, you can't help that."

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    Nope, never have and probably never will. There's not much point in telling anyone outside of ABDL or those it does not absolutely apply to anyway... Maybe I'll tell my partner one day, that's if I ever get one...

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    Yeah, I've never told any of my friends yet but I've told family members. They were alright with it. I plan on telling more people once I leave school. It's nice to have people around you that can support you. Especially if your ab/dl think is more of an emotional and lifestyle thing than a fetish.

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