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Thread: Recommendation for an out and about diaper

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    My stash currently only contains M4s, and I absolutely love them, they're great for wearing at home. However as I've become more comfortable with wearing in public I've started to realize that they don't meet my needs for public wearing.

    I live in a large city and mostly walk and take public transit, it isn't uncommon for me to walk more than a half mile to get to a destination and I don't like how the padding shifts, especially in the rear and crotch.

    Any suggestions on a comparable capacity diaper that can better handle long walks?

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    Dry 24/7 tends to stay in shape and it has a higher capacity. The plastic is stronger and the fit stays put better than M4s.

    Another tip would be to wear athletic underwear like what Under Armour has and a onesie.

    This is one of the main reasons I stopped using Abena. The padding shifts like if a blender gotten to it. That and the plastic is weak and the diaper seems to fall off. Not a comfortable diaper at all to me. Along with the constant degrading by the company of the diaper through the years to increase profits.

    I have to tell you, when I switched to Dry 24/7, I've never really looked back. The quality is top notch.

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    I find that the Northshore Supreme diapers hold up exceptionally well. Of course, YMMV

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    I've often worn northshore supremes at music festivals or big events where I had to walk a lot, also on long trips. I found that Molicares were really bad, worse than Abena M4s on having the padding shift around when in a similar environment.

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    Can any of these brands be bought on amazon? I'd love to save on shipping whenever possible.

    ConfiDry 24/7 is on amazon but almost twice the cost of M4s, are they really worth it??

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    Thinner diapers seem to clump less. Clothlike also clump less because the padding can cling better to the shell. (but this is up to the manufacturer to make happen, so it's certainly no guarantee) Most diapers will start clumping when they get wet, from urine OR sweat. So applying generous powder (talc is better for this) to keep your perspiration at bay will help. It'll also help reduce friction as you walk. (you may find your inner thighs getting tender from friction) So, more powder is better

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    Northshore is from NorthShoreCare. Dry 24/7 is available from xpmedical and dry247. All of these sites have free shipping on cases. Going through Amazon may have free shipping, but the total cost may be higher.

    Dry24/7 would be my choice for what you want. Bambinos also hold up well to walking and hold a decent amount. Have not tried NorthShoreCare brand diapers.

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I went ahead and ordered a case of dry 24/7, should be here in a few days.

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    I love dry 24/7's and I don't think anyone could go wrong with them.

    I've tried seni diapers recently from a sample pack I ordered from wearing clouds and, for someone that walks and is out in public a lot they'd probably be perfect.

    They have a medium absorbency diaper that's probably comparable to an anena m2 or 3 and they were very comfortable when I was out and around wearing one.

    You can get them from xpmedical, if you don't mind cloth like diapers.

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