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Thread: Oh the diapers I've worn...

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    Default Oh the diapers I've worn...

    Over the course of your life (TB-AB-DL hood), how many different diapers have you tried? Here's my list:

    Before I was potty trained I know it was Pampers

    Since then I've tried (going as far back as 11 years old)

    Attends Extended Wear
    CVS Brand fitted briefs
    RiteAid Brand fitted briefs
    Secure X-Plus
    Abena Abri-Form X-Plus
    Abena Wing
    AB Universe Sleep Dry Kids
    AB Universe Extra Thick Overnight
    Medline Ultra Soft
    Pampers UnderJams

    There have been a few other odd-ball brands in there that I can't remember, but that's my list.

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    Well, for me, it started out with cloth, as that was all that was available when I was a baby. Then when I started to get into diapers around 11 or 12, it was just my other clothes stuffed down my pajama bottoms. I then moved up to using sheets and blankets for makeshift diapers. The first real diapers I ever tried as an adult were depends. Then I've tried some Molicares, Secure X pluses, and Bambinos. Now all I use are cloth again, unless I'm in a funny situation where the cloth would be awkward, like when I'm going into the hospital. I still have some Depends left, so I use those during the odd times a cloth diaper is inappropriate. Two years ago when I had surgery, I wore a cloth diaper into the hospital, but changed out of it as soon as I was admitted, and my wife took it home with her, and I used the hospitals crappy diapers. (Well, they weren't actually crappy until I added the crap, but what I meant was, they were really crappy quality, LOL. Anyone that's ever been in the hospital and had to use them will understand.)

    I'm going back into the hospital in less than a month, and I'll be using some plain white Bambino's I've got left for that. I don't want to use their hospital diapers if I can help it. I still haven't made up my mind what diapers to order from that Duraline Medical Products. I have an offer from them to buy 20 diapers at $10.00, plus shipping, another $10.00. I had a thread up on here about which ones I should get based on everyone's experiences with them.

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    Cloth diapers as an actual baby.

    In my AB-hood only two have been tried - Underjams and Goodnites. Oh, and did attempt to don a Pampers #7 with no success.


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    I have no idea what I wore when I was a baby, but ever since I first got into diapers (around 8 or 9 I think) I've worn:


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    Well. The only real diapers I've worn are Goodnites and Depends.

    Heh, I've been into diapers since I was probably about 6, I remember looking out the window in my sisters room and wetting myself when I was 6 ( My sisters all wet the bed and my mom was buying them Goodnites )

    Ahhh... nostalgia

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    Some kind of baby diapers when I was a baby, obviously. I don't know the exact brand.

    I tried Pull-Ups when I was 11. I think I stole a Little Swimmer when I was 12. And I bought Pampers Baby Dry last summer.

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    Pampers Baby-Dry
    Pampers Trainers
    Little Swimmers

    Kroger Overnight Adult Pull-ups
    Pampers Size 6 Baby-Dry
    Depends Maximum Protection
    CVS Brand Maximum Protection Diapers
    Pampers Size 7

    Hoping to try Bambinos.

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    Oh I forgot...I've also tried:

    Abena Abri-Flex disposable underwear (Adult Pullups)
    Protection Plus Pullups (Adult Pullups)

    Oh and "home made" diapers know the old tall kitchen garbage bags...towel...kleenx...masking tape trick (we've all done it right?)

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    i have tried:

    cloth diapers
    homemade diapers

    i am currently using goodnites.

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    As a baby, I don't know:

    As a teen/adult, it's a long list, so here's what I can think of

    Depend Fitted briefs
    Depend Pull-ups, both extra and super plus absorbency
    Depend Belted Undergarments
    Depend guards for men
    Attends 10 Classic style
    Attends breathable briefs
    Tena underwear
    Abena guards for men
    Abena inserts
    Abena x-plus
    Abena - the ones with the waistband, don't know what they are called
    Prevail pullups
    Prevail Briefs
    X-treme fit brief
    Secure x plus
    Cvs briefs
    Rite-Aid Guards for men
    Rite aid pullups- overnight absorbency
    Dry 24/7

    I'm sure there's more, but that's what I can think of at the moment

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