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    I am a diaper lover from AZ. I am new to here and I've been enjoying reading the forums I am a lover of LEGOs and i have my 'man cave' full of them to where im running out of room. I do love me some PS4 & PS3.Look forward to making some new friends.

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    Welcome dlphx! 21 posts already? Better late than never to make an intro! AZ is such a pretty state. Have you made a LEGO village or anything?

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    Hey and welcome. When you describe your man cave, I'm getting Lego movie flashbacks. Sounds like fun.

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    welcome and LEGO ARE FUN!!!

    I'm also running out of space to put everything I have.

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    Welcome, What other interests do you have? not that legos aren't awesome enough hahaha . Do you like Arizona? I've never been there :/ but ive hear a lot of nice things. I'm guessing you don't play xbox since you play playstation, eh? :P

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