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Thread: Feeling like a freak

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    Default Feeling like a freak

    I was discussing the issue of wearing diapers with my dad; as always, we ended up butting heads and disagreeing.

    However, that wasn't what bothered me the most, what bothered me was what he said to me about wanting to wear diapers: "it's not normal" "why would you ever want to do that."

    He wants me to wake up and ask myself "how could I ever be so stupid?" "how could I ever want to do that?"

    He basically made me feel like a freak...

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    Well... think of it this way, your dad had sex with your mum! (gross, right?) You see what I mean -- you and your dad have different desires, and that's fine. You're different people.

    You wouldn't want to have sex with your mum any more than he would want to wear diapers. Different people are different. You don't have to try to understand why he had sex with your mum -- that's his business. And he doesn't have to understand why you like diapers. If anything, you (he!) should maybe just accept that... you like what you like.

    It's all okay if you're not harming anyone. :-)

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    Sadly, a lot of parents have said the same things to their gay son or daughter. I think it's very insensitive. Sometimes if someone can't understand something outside their comfort zone, it's best to just let the subject drop. It's hard to persuade a brick wall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Sadly, a lot of parents have said the same things to their gay son or daughter. I think it's very insensitive. Sometimes if someone can't understand something outside their comfort zone, it's best to just let the subject drop. It's hard to persuade a brick wall.
    I concur with your thoughts here.
    My own parents really never understood me.

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    In a sense, your father is right. Wearing diapers for fun isn't normal. The thing is, there are lots of things people do that aren't normal. I would contend that the more important questions are is this abnormal thing bad or harmful and does it define you?

    I can easily name a number of things about myself that aren't normal. Some are good, a few I think are bad, but most are just there. Other people are the same. I'd classify liking diapers as one of the things that's abnormal but just a thing. Taken too far, it could be a bad abnormal thing. Used properly (as I think I'm doing more often now) it's a good abnormal thing that leads to increased happiness and personal growth.

    You may not be able to explain the appeal to your father. What may be more effective is to remind him that this doesn't define you and is just a part of your overall personality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Well... think of it this way, your dad had sex with your mum! (gross, right?)
    Off-topic but it's not gross, this is natural.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    Off-topic but it's not gross, this is natural.
    I think he meant that it's gross that they had sex from the perspective of their son. Glad I never walked in on my parents... Eugh...

    Anyways, don't feel bad about yourself. As Tiny pointed out, normal isn't bad. Chances are (if he's human) your dad does weird things sometimes. After all, what if everyone was 'normal'? Imagine everyone wearing the same blue jeans and a polo every day and getting in the same car everyone else drives, to go to the same generic office job in a normal city. Life would suck. There'd be no substance, just a shallow society of quiet conformists. And wearing diapers doesn't make you stupid or a freak. You just have an interest not a large percentage of people have, and that's okay. After all, as long as you're being financially responsible and not dedicating your whole life to diapers, there's absolutely nothing wrong with what you're doing.
    If he's being uptight about it, maybe you should hold off the topic for later. If you still live with him and you're sharing a space with him, just act like everything's alright. Maybe strike up an unrelated conversation with him. Perhaps he'll realize that he shouldn't be alienating you because it's not negatively impacting anyone.

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    I'm on the verge of tears right now...

    I feel broken and an outcast.

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    Ok was Christ normal in the people's eyes no they put him on cross.
    Some times mom and dads have a way of seeing what they want you to be.

    Some day we may come to a point we accept every one for who they are.
    Look at how many of us there are so there something that makes us who we are.
    Not every one is albino.
    I have been this way since 6 year's old 49 years.
    Yes tryed to give it up but when I did the kind sentive love for life was not there.
    You live a good life balanced be successful and raise a good family wearing diapers won't matter.
    and someday he'll be proud of you as you are.
    Be the best you in everything else. You will win in end.
    Sad thing is most dont look to the good things all your good traits .
    My dad was very negtive all my life in the end he was very sorry he had been.
    We all have quirks that's what makes the world unique.
    Take care .

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    You're 22 and I am 34. I spent until age 32 wondering why I enjoyed bondage and diapers. At that time, I was diagnosed with Autism and found out about hug machines invented by Temple Grandin, a severe Autistic person who earned her PhD. She advocated for better treatment of people with Autism and other neurological differences. Her invention helped her deal with anxiety while going through college and is now a recognized therapy device. It puts pressure on the sides of a person like a cattle chute and looks more like a torture method than a therapy device. It does the same things as bondage does for me except using a medically prescribed method instead of my personally discovered method.

    People with anxiety issues (some Autistic) also find comfort in weighted blankets, tight or restrictive clothes, and other methods to put pressure on the body. These things have a calming effect. Why and how is unknown. This is not normal. Most people adjust the weight of blankets to temperature. I have to adjust mine depending on mood. Heavy blankets and summer are hard to mix, but I sometimes need the added weight to calm down and sleep. Diapers provide a miniature version of a weighted blanket. It is what it is.

    I know what I need and do not care how they are different from "normal". The "normal" definition will not change who I am. No one knows or can explain why I am Autistic. It just happens. Temple Grandin actively protested against any attempts to cure or eliminate Autism. She felt that we were important to society as we are and making us normal would break us. Yes, people with Autism meet the definition of freaks: not neurotypical. I accepted my differences over a decade ago. Now, I merely understand them better.

    With your father, he would like you to have a normal life. The question is not if you are stupid or normal. The question is if you can have a normal life. Diapers will not interfere with your life. I know from personal experience that I can have both. My intelligence is high. I did not choose diapers. We may assume the same for you. Liking diapers is not a defect to be fixed. It is merely a difference of brain function. Some are better in math. Some are better in history. Some like cotton clothes more than synthetic. Some like diapers and are excellent in math, science, and electronics: that would be me.

    Real freaks are the people who deny who they are and make believe that they perfectly match everyone else. That is impossible and ignorant. Accept yourself for who you are. Be confident in your decision. Your father cannot take those away.

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