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    Default meditation

    have any of you ever meditated and if you have did it help you do anything?

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    I can't sit still long enough to. I always have to fidget with something.

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    I tried and it didnt really feel like much at all : (

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    I tried once.

    I laid in bed, very relaxed.

    Then, for sound, I put one of my radios onto a static station to make white noise, and then I combined it with an alarm clock that has nature sounds to it to let the two noises mix together.

    It was very calming, so much so that I fell asleep for two hours without even realizing that I was at all tired.

    So that kinda failed.

    I really want to get into it though...

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    Meditation isn't just sitting still and thinking for a long time. Posture and form are crucial, otherwise you won't be able to sit still long at all. There is also a physiological connection between the brain and the body. If you're serious about learning, find a zendo in your area. Some people combine chanting. The purpose of mediation is to explore the mind and to reach a higher level of awareness (the idea, in Buddhism, is reaching enlightenment when combined with other things). Be warned, while meditation is very healthy, it can also be exhausting and a mental confrontation.

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    The first time I meditated was during a free instructional session at a zen center one Sunday morning. I didn't go in expecting anything, but ended up having a great experience. I'm generally pretty cynical, and I don't really buy in to the whole 'channeling energy' thing (I'm probably misinterpreting the philosophy), but it was pretty amazing.

    I've only done it a few times since then, but should probably make it a regular habit.

    That first day, it helped me sleep naturally, or more importantly, helped me get some things done that I hadn't been able to finish.

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    I've experimented with hypnosis many times in the past, to the point that one time I even felt pure bliss (it was different from a normal trance and undescribable, like floating in a golden haze in a world created just for me, with absolutely no worries or thought.) I recently took up meditation as a solution to my delayed sleep problems, and although I can slip into a trance easily enough, the few attempts I've made so far didn't contribute very much. I believe results will come if I keep at it though.

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    I have meditated quiet a few times..... Only twice have I done it to where i cleared my mind actually. Sometimes I lay on my bed and play music I just lie there but i find it very relaxing

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    i just realized that i didn't post my experiences. i used to meditate if i got really mad at school but i was never able to do a full meditation just a quick slow down. but i have been trying to do it before bed and it has worked. i use youtube songs

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