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    Right Now Walgreens has a Steal of a deal on Depends Max...yah i know...but when paired with a Boost Pad ...the work for me . Anyhow I stopped in today and they were selling Depends Max for 3.50$ a bag o.o ...I o brought every bag they had left (2) and left ..normal a 30$ buy for 7$

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    I thought you were leaving at first D:

    Sounds like a decent deal, although I would rather have that deal at CVS for their brand

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    true i would have picked them up for that price congratz.

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    Holy crap! That's a hell of a deal!
    Was it exclusive to that wal-greens?

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    They are trying to get rid of all their stock so they can start the new gender specific line on March 1, i believe.

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    I thought the gender line was only on the pullups, not the max. Also it could be because there changing the package design...

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