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    So recently i made the choice to go diapered 247 and using my diapers for everything. basically i have little control over my bladder but i still have full control over my bowels; i have learnt to appreciate a good messing over the course of a month by locking the bathroom. as of now, i have little to no problem relaxing my bowels and using my diaper for it.
    however, a couple of days ago i found myself waking up at about 6 in the morning to the smell of my own poop; i had messed myself when i was asleep and i didnt even wake up to it. i thought to myself it was probably a one off thing but to my surprise it happened again this morning.
    is it normal for this to happen? because i read somewhere that its almost impossible for one to completely untoilet train oneself. but right now, i feel like im slowly losing control of my bowels.

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    Any medical problems? I'd heard that sometimes constipation can do that to you. I'd recommend you seek advice from a medical doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattew View Post
    Any medical problems? I'd heard that sometimes constipation can do that to you. I'd recommend you seek advice from a medical doctor.
    No I don't recall me having much problems with my bowels it just sorta happened at night; I can still control my bowels during the day though

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    Since you have been wearing diapers 24/7 for a while and have been relaxing and using your diapers for both wetting and defecating %100 for the last month you body is getting use to the fact you are wearing protection and have no issues using the diaper. Once you come to terms with using your diaper 100% of the time emotionally your body will adapt and start to release with out warning since you have decided to be diaper dependant.

    Some people loose control quickly if they have the correct mind set and others never loose control and have to think about releasing.

    If it happens again you should see a doctor to make sure it's not a medical issue that needs to be addressed, once you rule out a medical issue and you are ok with using your diaper all the time the. Don't worry about night time voids it comes with use of diapers some times.

    Be warned though if you do lose control accidents can and due happen any time of the day or night even when you are in a location that is not convenient for it to happen.

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