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Thread: the forum said good bye so now i say hello hello

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    Default the forum said good bye so now i say hello hello

    so yeah I origionally signed up for the origional way back in 2004 and well i figured i would sign back up in hopes of helping others out as much as the site helped me through the tough times in my life
    so yeah im Doodle and i generally hang arround the irc chat and im always willing to answer questions

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    Welcome back, Doodle! I remember you being around when I was just lurking in mid-2005. You're one of the TBDL old timers as far as length of membership.


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    Yay - doodle is back! How could the forum be complete without the resident wolfdude!

    *runs up and snuggles doodle*


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    The Doodle? The grinning bespectacled wolfy? I missed you.

    *sings* ...Red padded :fox::fox: and :wolf::wolf: that are Doodle:
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    Welcome back! Don't be a stranger, but you may continue to be strange. See you around in the chat

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    *bounce pounce tackle huggles the wuffdude*

    Ummm...welcome back =^.^=

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    Hey doodle! Long time no see, its great to have you back!

    :band: Wana start a band?


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    yay! it's doodle

    *snugs a wuffle*

    no lurking now! lurking is forbidden here. :P

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    Ah... Doodle... good to see you back...

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