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Thread: Favorite subject in school?

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    Default Favorite subject in school?

    I've been thinking about this: What is everyone's favorite subject in school? (like the one you don't sleep through...)

    In my case, it has to be business math. A close second would be something media/design related.
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    Anything science, math, and/or music. For my last semester I'm taking 3 computer science classes and 2 music classes.

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    Orchestra, English, Global, OSR those are my top four I love each of them. Math and Chem however I detest

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    Mixing primary and secondary school (which are quite different in Sweden):

    Social studies
    Media classes (several classes about most kinds of media)
    Graphics classes (including image-making, layout, printing and flash coding)
    Computer classes (the hardware and networking classes mostly, but also HTML coding and software stuff. Really liked the UNIX class)
    Swedish (which isn't so much about the language itself, but more about literature and creative writing)

    I love to learn, but I could never enjoy science much. I had a lot of electronics classes that I hated. I don't really know why. I also wasn't a big fan of PE. Except for when I get to do it my own way, which some teachers allowed. I've always hated ball-sports.

    Now that I'm out of school, once I get off my lazy ass I'll probably go on with graphics design at the university.

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    Business by far. The class is easy and fun plus my teacher is my football coach!

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    Ones I don't have to go to.

    As for now, I only have Math (Calc), English, Science (Physics), and History. Out of all of those, I suppose I like Physics the most, but the class itself is something I'd rather avoid (3 hour lecture, and then a 3 hour lab)

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    Environmental geography

    taking this class right now. Thought it would be borring, but it's not.

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    Computer Science, by far.

    In fact, as soon as I finish up this code I'm working on, I'm going to put it on ADISC for critiquing.

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