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    Does liking ball gowns a lot and girls colors more make me a sissy. As I like them a lot. Just can't get over them. I sometimes want to wear them and girls colored but that goes right away but it has come up a few times. So yea don't know if this makes me one or not.

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    Sissy usually refers to: "individuals who role play as little girls or dress as little girl". But out of little state liking pink and other colors considered to be "girly" is usually just a color preference

    Wanting to wear girls clothing can be anything from a random cross-dressing urge to something associated with your gender identity. If your comfortable as a boy then a dress is just fashion, but there are numerous gender identities such as genderfluid (mine) which are sort of alternatives for just a boy/girl.

    For example genderfluid means that at any time you may identify as boy, girl, agender, or basically anything in between. I personally love ball gowns as much as jeans and a t shirt.

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    Basically what jamie1 said, you can like girls clothes without being a sissy. perhaps you just have a desire to cross dress? Or maybe it honestly is just that you like the way they look. People put too much emphasis on what is boy and girl clothing. While dresses are primarily girls clothing in the western world, in some parts of the eastern world dresses can be considered men's clothing as well.

    So in my opinion: No it doesn't make you a sissy. But you may have an interest in cross dressing, or perhaps its a feeling of rebellion, knowing that its something that guys normally aren't suppose to do, wear dresses and like pink so on and so forth. The brain is wired to want things its denied.

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    I would say that it does not make you a sissy but you may have an interest in cross dressing and to that I would say I you want to wear girls clothes go ahead and do it. Also if you want to wear girls colors go for it there is not rule saying a guy can't wear certain colors or clothing.

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    I suspect that you may find indulging this interest may result in a desire to spend more time like it, in the same way in which I had an urge to wear nappies and now enjoy dressing as a baby girl, I find girly things make me feel less masculine and therefore more childish, this has led to a few other desires, as I evolve my little side I incorporate this new desire into play, although I prefer to be a little baby acting more like a toddler is more inline with wearing ruffled baby dresses

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleFoal View Post
    Does liking ball gowns a lot and girls colors more make me a sissy.
    Liking Pink, or any other bright or "Girlie" color does not make you a sissy.
    It does however make you a guy who isn't afraid to wear something besides blue, gray, brown and black, lol. And that's a good thing.

    Here is rule for "Guy" shopping when it comes to bright colors: If you can find a color you like in the Men's section, its OK to wear.
    Simple right? lol.

    And lets face it, Ball Gowns are freakin adorable and feel nice and are all swishy and they do the thing when you twirl.
    What's NOT to like about them!

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