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Thread: Hello from Lafayette Louisiana!!

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    Default Hello from Lafayette Louisiana!!

    Hope too find abdl life in this swampy town. :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexbad11233 View Post
    Hope too find abdl life in this swampy town. :3
    Hey Alex, welcome to ADISC! I hope it's doing wonderful there in Louisiana! I've never been, but I'm sure it's just a lovely place.

    ADISC is a pretty lovely place too, full of people who are ready and willing to listen and understand you with all of this AB/DL stuff. How did you find us? What sort of brings you here, like.. what sort of interest in the community do you have? If you feel like sharing, we would very much love to know.

    That being said, I feel the sort of need to just let you know for your sake that ADISC isn't exactly super geared towards the meet-up scene. Not that it doesn't happen, we just tend to focus on the supportive and other aspects needed in this sort of thing... and sort of leave the main focus of the meet-ups to places otherwise. I'm definitely not saying this to discourage you though, and really hope you feel free to actively participate in the site. There is bunches to.

    Otherwise, I'm totally interested in the "nerd shit" you are interested in, as someone who is also interested in the nerdery. Hehe. Feel free to share that kinda stuff too, would love to hear more!

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    Hey Alex.... my towns a bit swampy atm lol.... but a long ways from Louisiana. Not much Abdl action around here, but always a hoot on the site (well maybe not always...but we try) welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexbad11233 View Post
    Hope too find abdl life in this swampy town. :3
    How are you enjoying the humidity?

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    Ugh, this has been the hottest week by far down here, I'm used to dry heat but man, the humidityyyyy!!! >.< oh yeah MeTaLMaNN? I don't stay in lafayette but very close, one of those satilite towns. Lol. Wow, good to hear there is at least one other ABDL near laffy :3

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    I lived all over the Lafayette area, mostly in Carencro. I've lived in Cankton, Scott, Church Point and Lafayette now.

    Today was just ridiculous it felt like my face was melting off. I'm in my truck in Gulfport Ms. I can't wait for the first cold front.

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    The heats been easy on us up here, ofcourse I say that but I'm use to being in the sun almost all day most of the time and I'm up around Alexandria. The humidity hasn't gotten to bad yet but we still have a while before it cools off.

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    Officially the hottest July on record for Louisiana.

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