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Thread: Afraid to open ABDL side to DR

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    Default Afraid to open ABDL side to DR

    I'm seeing a doctor right now through my work and as much as I want to open up about my ABDL desires I am afraid she will breach my confidentially AND or send me to hospital for having such "crazy" thoughts in her eyes. Am I overthinking this one, or does this seem like a legitimate concern?

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    I believe you are over-thinking this one. Your doctor must keep things confidential to keep her license and to build your trust. Do you believe she will risk her job to share? Doctors do not do that. I believe she will want to build your trust so that she can help you. As far as having these thoughts, the following links share a glimpse of what mental health doctors recently thought about us.

    Your ABDL desires are not enough to make her think you are crazy and need to be in a hospital. The police, doctors, and other people can only force you into a hospital if they think you are a threat to yourself or others. Are you thinking clearly and rationally? Or are you confused enough that someone could get hurt? This is why people people get sent to hospitals. Please, read the rules for your location.

    What is scary about going to a hospital? There are doctors, nurses, and technicians right there to help. Everyone wants to make things better. If you had a bad experience at one, try to go to a different one if entering a hospital is needed. For me, it was a necessary safe place to figure out what was wrong with me. I asked questions, tried to understand what was happening, and made the best of an unpleasant experience.

    Yes, they have restraints in hospitals. The use of restraints is restricted even more than forcing a hospital stay. As long as a patient is compliant with the staff and not threatening harm, they cannot use the restraints. Trust me. No matter how nicely I asked, hospital staff would not restrain me. Those are only allowed when a patient is in immediate danger due to severe confusion, agitation, or depression. Polite requests do not match the criteria.

    I am so glad to hear that you are seeing a doctor. You do not need to live with anxiety and depression. Best of luck! We are here for you.

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    Basically, all the Doctor will do is ask if you feel it has unhealthily affected your daily life and refer you a therapist(s) if so. If she's a therapist or psychiatrist or psychologist, it'll be the same thing, but they will try to help you control it if that's the case.

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    oh he or she could find that I'm "not fit" to take care of myself and therefore let the authorities step in. I don't trust hospitals after my last experience ended in an INJECTION/.

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    Nah. Not gonna happen unless there are other physical or mental issues that make it impossible for you to take care of yourself. Regression as a coping mechanism or for pleasure/relaxation isn't an issue, just like other habits, unless it completely interferes with your life and makes you able to not function as an adult.

    You are completely over reacting, with the current information you have shared with us. I guess my question is, if he or she is just a regular medical doctor, is there a need to actually open up about it, or would it be better to ask for a referral to a therapist?

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    No psychologist in the last 15 years will take any issue with AB/DL activities. People aren't locked up for BDSM stuff so don't worry. As for them telling, they might but they won't reference you by name. You'll literally just be "some old/former patient of mine". If they break the confidentially that's strong grounds for their license to be pulled at least for a bit.

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    Well thats good to know. I have my next appointment tomorrow. If I can work up the guts I'd like to be able to open up to her about this side of me. I've heard there are actual "regression therapists" I'm wondering if maybe that might be something to look into. One of the best ways I know how to provide self comfort to myself is regressing back.

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    My doctor, a psychiatrist, didn't admit me when I told him I was AB/DL. Actually, I didn't tell him. My mom did. She was the one who sent me because of a number of things, infantalism, discovered my gay porn and I was having a psychotic break. With all of that, I was an out patient even though I saw him at a residential mental facility. It was scary, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noahVmiller View Post
    I've heard there are actual "regression therapists" I'm wondering if maybe that might be something to look into.
    Those are mainly for people who had a past experience that's mostly traumatic that they need help getting over. Not really meant for AB/DL stuff at all.

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    To give you an idea: I have seen the same therapist for 8 years he knows I wear diapers ( as I have for 20 years) however since its nothing I have ever brought up he has no idea if I wear for ABDL or for incontinence issues. He has also never inquirer.

    You will be fine talking about whatever you need with complite privacy. Worry not my friend!

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