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Thread: Things you do to cool down

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    Default Things you do to cool down

    95 °F
    I'm dying here right now. Anyone wanna join in?

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    You know what hell that was to get that pool inflated?

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    just cleaned my [paddling] pool, today, as it's a bit cooler than on previous days, but still warm enough to dry stuff. we've had highs of 33C and just having a paddle made all the difference, especially as the heat took us by surprise: it's been a mostly wintery year, with snow forecast up until almost a month ago and most talk, until a week or so ago, was 'doesn't look like we're going to get a summer, this year'.
    (mind you, we do have permanent signs, like:
    Attachment 24413)
    so now, the talk is 'summer's come with a vengence'.

    we had thunderstorms, last night and the other night, but the earlier one was best; although, with the weather change acoming, i had a migraine and hadn't planned for taking photos of the lightning (which was the best we've seen for a long time). still, i had cameras to hand and took some not-too-bad handheld photos, and got bit to hell by midges (legs, arms and head: itchy as ).
    the good thing was that as soon as the rain began (and it poured) my migraine vanished (although it did resurface later on in the night, waking me up).
    last night, i was all set up, with tripod, filters and long exposure settings.........and i didn't get a single flash (the strikes came between each take )

    oh, and i've also frozen my hot-water bottle for bed.

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    Seems we share a passion.
    When we were heading for the customs office on friday, we came down a hill. The road leading to 'Göttingen' was directly at the foot of the hill on low ground. On the other side of the enclosed hollow there was another hill and there was a thundercloud directly above it. We saw some epic ground strikes that day. I had to pull over and stop the car to watch the show. Too bad I had no camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenTennyson View Post
    Seems we share a passion.
    i've never thought of it as a passion; mind you, here in Britain, the skies are daily conversation. all the more so with them being so changeable and general splits between the north and south, the east and west. up here, in The Pennines, we tend to get sea-skies and mountain-skies, and that varies from dale to dale (each with own it's micro-climate). so, it's always interesting.
    my lastest buzz is for cloudbows, which we get a lot of. i'll post some pics, as and when (the latest are on my mum's pc).
    but one thing i always love is when you can't tell if that rising form before you is land or sky. okay, i'm odd, but i know it.

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    Great shots. I can see nothing odd about this.

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    I should try to get out and swim sometime; it has been too long since I have done it. In the meantime, I am paying a higher electric bill to regularly run my air conditioning.

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    I have been spending a lot of time in my air-conditioned bedroom to remain cool and comfortable here in New Hampshire.

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    When I lived by the ocean as a kid, we'd go swimming every day, either in the bay or the ocean. As a parent, I'd sometimes turn on the lawn sprinkler so the kids could run through it. They also had a small plastic pool. We have central air conditioning in the house, so if I'm out biking and come home hot, I go downstairs and stand in front of a very large fan.

    Living in central Virginia, it gets very hot during the summer. Having temperatures around 100 f. is not unusual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Living in central Virginia, it gets very hot during the summer. Having temperatures around 100 f. is not unusual.
    Oh yeah, Central Virginia can get really bad. I'm originally from the D.C. area and those summers were just awful. It's not the heat that gets you though, it's the 90% relative humidity that makes it hard to breath. SE Pennsylvania is not much better. I wish I still had fun swimming though, growing up as a competitive swimmer makes you see pools as only good for doing laps. Luckily my current place has central air and doesn't really have much problems with letting the air out.

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    I live in Florida. The north west portion which is actually more miserable then the south east I used to live in.

    Often 100% humidity and very hot. Couple that with my ironic (for living in Florida my whole life) sensitivity to heat (70degF is hot to me) I've done odd things when the AC goes out >.<

    I've done the normal cold shower thing... Then things like... Spraying menthol on myself and sitting under a fan... Soaking and freezing a shirt and socks and wearing them... I have a cooling mattress pad.

    Fun times...

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