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Thread: Life long bed wetter/DL

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    let me introduce,myself. I am a life long bed wetter and DL...and went 24/7 a little over 10 years ago due to complications from type 2 diabeties. Dr.'s think the bed wetting is due to some nerve damage from a bicylce accident at age 6. However by age 11/12 I stopped hating it all (bed wetting & Diapers), began to kind like to wear the the nice feeling of waking up in a dry bed...soaked diaper however. Over the years, I turned into a DL. Happy to chat with all, and share experiences.
    My other interest are sailing,horse's,history,most all music,especially classical, and opera. And making new friends, and staying in touch with my long time friends.

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    Hey man. Welcome. By the way I like horses to.

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    Welcome Soggy2. This is a great support community. I'm a DL too. Enjoy.


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    Welcome. Sorry to hear about the bike accident. There are lots of DLs here, including me. You will make lots of friends, I'm sure!

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    Welcome to the site. I am a professional musician, and like classical and some opera. I'm a church music director as well as working with IT at school. I grew up on the water and had a couple of sail boats. There's nothing like sailing. Have fun posting and taking part.

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    Hey Soggy2 welcome have fun hope to see you in the chat again

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    Welcome Soggy2 You'll find that we have a diverse group of people, basically made up mostly of dl or *b. In reality we are more similar than we are different, as diapers is what brings us together.

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