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    Hate them or love them?
    I personally dread each and every time I have to orchestrate a presentation.
    I get nervous and forget a whole part of my presentations. I end up makeing mistakes and have to recover on some things. IN the end I always get B-low A's on them. Anyone else hate presentations, Or does anyone Like them.

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    I'm so-so on this one. I like making them and such, but I hate the actual sharing it and stuff.

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    I usually dread being told I have to do one, but I find the preparation and the presentation itself to be a fun and refreshing experience. I can add my own style to it, which in the past people have responded to extremely well.

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    I've presented things where I'm the expert in the room (oral defense, work); I've presented things where I found out 2 hours before that some idiot needed something cobbling together (teaching, work).

    There are things you can change, and things you cannot change.

    All you can really do is handle the things you can change (how prepared you are, your comfort level speaking); the things you cannot change (the audience) you'll just have to put up with and not stress about.

    I find this a better strategy than worrying about every last detail.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The older I get, the less fearful I am of presentations. I was the celebrant (leader) at a worship service for the first time last year. Once you've done that, it's safe to say the fear of public speaking is conquered!

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    Being a music director and a teacher, I'm doing it at some level all the time. You get used to it. Seven years a go a took 11 classes toward teacher certification, as well as a Master's program at Lynchburg College. I had to take World Geography and make a PowerPoint presentation on Egypt. I also had this girl/mother as my partner. She was a complete dud. All she wanted to do was research the pyramids, and of course we were to concentrate more on modern Egypt. I did 99% of the work and most of the presentation. She got an A because of me. What she didn't get was the highest grade for the class. I got that, haha.... I had fun doing the project. This professor had us do 5 different projects for that class, all of them very time consuming. It was a hard class, and there was a heavy concentration on South America, because his wife was from Peru.

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    I used to hate them in high school, but I started to like them in college during 'General Studies' as you could get away with being humorous (e.g. My groups presentation on Global warming was "The effects of Global warming... on Foxes!", and the animal rights one was the best: "Beastiality: right or wrong?").

    Unfortunately in university the only subject I've had to do presentations for was a politics 'elective' (i.e. not my actual degree subject), so that required more acting.

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    I love presentations! I'm such a freak!!

    I can think of nothing more thrilling than have some people's time to talk to them. I love the dread before you start to talk, the weird looks when you stand up and take a deep breathe, I love the jokes, and I love the questions at the end, when you never know what's coming.

    I can talk about anything, anytime. I think I'm a talk-a-holic! And I get even more excited if I get to REHEARSE what I'm going to talk about, like in a presentation.

    Hehe, I'm so weird

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    I don't mind them at all. Having both taught classes and done many marketing presentations, I have no worries when doing them.

    A funny story to pass along - a friend from the army was doing a presentation when she was VERY pregnant. In the middle of the presentation, the baby kicked her in the bladder and she FLOODED right in front of the entire Corps staff. I felt embarrassed for her when I first heard about it, but wished I would have been there!

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    Love making them, but I simply refuse to present them.

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