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Thread: In Between Sizes? My Hips Don't Lie ;P

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    Default In Between Sizes? My Hips Don't Lie ;P

    Okay, so I'm having sizing issues.

    I have gained a little weight, from a bunch of meds I'm on.

    But I'm not proportionate now ...

    Mediums, the bottom tape hardly meets the taping zone and then the top tape is on target.

    Larges the overlap is insane and it looks and feels super awkward.

    I have tried medium and large in Snuggies and Bambinos and had the same issue with both.
    Stylistic cuteness is really important to me, and price plays a small role but I definitely think good diapers are worth the money.

    The only diaper I have not real issues with are Tena Stretch - They're purple and have the two large stretchy velcro like panel sides ...

    Anyway, those aren't very comfy in the padding aspect and they definitely don;t fall under cute.


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    XP's A+ has a 'regular' size but they're not terribly cute. You could use some cute duck tape or print some custom diaper tapes to help with the appearance.

    Alternatively, the Confidry 24/7 is sized very generously. Maybe the mediums wouldn't be so tight.

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    I have some XPs ... I only have the mediums but its the same thing.
    Aww So Cutes are in the same boat.

    Its like I need a diaper more consistent with the female body.

    I've started taking a bunch of fertility medications and its causing my hips to get bugger but my belly has stayed relatively the same.

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    The A+ mediums supposedly fit from 26-36" w/h, and the regulars fir from 32-42". You don't think that will work?

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    I have them, at least I'm pretty sure I do ... al white diaper ... clear bag with a big black "A+" on it...?

    I am physically capable of getting mediums (In almost all brands) on but barely, I just didn't know if any diapers existed for a more feminine shape.

    I can still get into large Goodnites but not smalls, if that makes sense.

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    Ah I see. What did you mean by "I only have the mediums but its the same thing."?
    There's a medium size, which I think you have, then a regular size which is about halfway between medium and large.
    I'm not sure if there's a dedicated "curvy woman" type diaper.

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    Hi GlitteredArtist, just to repeat Biliam above.. The A+ from XP are a little more generous in size 'Regular' versus standard 'Medium'. The Regular is almost a Medium Plus! IF(!?) you haven't tried them, they might be a good option. I use the level 4 in size regular and find them pretty good.

    I would usually recommend going up a size if really between sizes. If a diaper is not comfortable (as too tight etc.) you are going to be bothered by it. As long as the next size up isn't hanging off you or leaving massive gaps (leak alert!) then I think it is easier to deal with the excessive diaper size (e.g. Fold over the front panel that might be rising too high etc., and yeah, just get used to having the upper tapes overlapping a bit if necessary.
    Stay protected. Stay comfortable!

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    I've been in the exact same boat as you, 36" waist and 42" hip. Waist says medium, hip says large... I found that Dry 24/7 mediums fit bigger than average. The bottom tapes still end up much further out than the top ones, but at least there's still plenty of material to tape to - unlike some other mediums I've tried where it's a stretch to get the wings to even meet across my hips, and threaten to cut off circulation to my legs.

    Otherwise I've relinquished myself to the larges. Not crazy about the rise coming above the belly button/small of my back, but the hips and legs fit much better.

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    Not sure your specific numbers, but, given your issue matches mine, I would seriously consider Dry 24/7 in medium. They go 32" up to 42". Those will wrap around my 40" hips and still fit nice on my 34" waist. Every other diaper brand is either too small in medium or huge in large. The Dry's are perfectly between the other brands. These are the only ones I buy for this one reason.

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    Sounds like I should give Dry 24/7s a go ... where is the best place to order them from?

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