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    So in about two months I will be leaving from the U.S. to study abroad in Akita Japan for about six months Aug-Dec. I am very much looking for tips tricks and advice in regards to this venture as it will be a first for me on many levels. This will be the furthest I've ever been away from home, it will be my first time abroad and it will be the longest I'll have ever been away from home. So I am looking for advice regarding both Vanilla things as well as little/diaper related things. I intend to bring a pacifier and one maybe two plushies as well as some diapers. My question is though are diapers readily available in Japan? Where should I look? What is the buying process like there? I'm also just looking for basic day to day life advice on how to get the most of the venture and tips on culture. I'm really freaking excited and very very very nervous.

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    I'd find it hard to believe that diapers aren't readily available in Japan considering that adult diaper sales have surpassed baby diaper sales there (it's a new trend for women to wear diapers in order to save time). I think I heard in another thread that they are readily available in places like grocery and drug stores. But it would probably be a good idea to bring a cloth diaper or two as well as some plastic pants just in case (if you don't have any it might be a good investment because it would save packing space). I don't know how much more I could help unless I knew more of your situation. Will you be living alone? With a roomate? That could be crucial. But I must say you are very lucky, I love Japanese culture (I'm something of an otaku) and would love to visit.

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    Ya I to am a bit of an Otaku. I have been into the culture and history since middle school. Um I'm not sure about where I'll be living it's likely I'll have my own space.

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    When I was in singapore, diapers were very readily available - both a wide variety and high quality.
    I know it's not the same country (and many hundreds of miles away) -- but it's a similar part of the world.
    I don't think you'll have any trouble finding them there.

    Don't have any tips on culture, or advice on where to look etc...

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    The bigger supermarket stores usually have a great selection.. It is just a bit hard to decipher exactly what the products are all about as usually all in the Japanese language. Take your time to choose. Don't feel awkward in the adult diaper aisle - more socially accepted there! From what I have tried, the sizing did feel a bit smaller. The Size M there was certainly a less generous fit than what I was used to. Maybe I have been unlucky with the brands I tried.

    Have safe travels and enjoy the experience!!

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    Can you by chance tell me the characters commonly used for the different sizes?

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    from what I've read recently, japan's population age range is tipping "upside-down" as the number of older people are outnumbering the younger. Longer average lifespan combined with couples having fewer children. Adult diapers have supposedly become a much bigger seller over there. I doubt you'll see much for ABDL there, but there should be no shortage of padding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kashi View Post
    Can you by chance tell me the characters commonly used for the different sizes?
    Hi Kashi, for sizing you should be cool.. Many of the brands use the more international 'M' or 'L' markings on their packs. They would also include the centimeter measurement under the letter.

    It sometimes just takes a bit more care to identify if it is a pullup or tape-on diaper... Examine the pack for the small diagram of the product and you should be fine!

    Have fun and good luck.

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    That sounds awesome. I would love to visit Japan. I hope you enjoy your time there and be safe.

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